When is series 3 of the BBC robin hood coming out?

Apparently in 2009 i havent heard WHEN in 2009 so don't ask . Answer 2: Robin Hood is returning in 2009 and I cannot wait for it! I've heard that it starts on May 30th (MORE)

When will Robin Hood Series 3 on the BBC return?

Theres been loads of aricles saying its not comming back until 2009. Its been on websites and everything. So unfortunetly wher going to have a long walk.. Theres been loads o (MORE)

What happens to BBC Robin Hood in Series 3 - does he die?

In the last episode of season 3, we see Robin, much, John, kate, Tuck, Archer and Gisborne join forces to defeat king john and the sheffif. Isabella ecapes from the castle jai (MORE)