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What part of a muscle detects stretching?

the muscle spindle detects it, and causes reflexes that automatically make slight alterations to muscle tentions, so that you stand up right.
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Why is digestive system considered to be part of your external environment?

You should consider if inside of the digestive tract is made up of  cells. organs or systems that have hollow tube such as mouth,  respiratory tract, digestive system, and G (MORE)

What is a SQL Intrusion Detection System used for?

It's used to identify SQL injection that has sucessfully bypassed  the WAF and the web application. These rogue SQL statements are  "knocking at the door" of the database bu (MORE)

What is regulatory environment?

define Regulatory Environment? Regulatory environment consists of laws and regulations that has been developed by federal,state,and local governments in order to exert contro (MORE)

What is leak detection system?

Leak detection systems are used by pipeline operators to protect  the public and the environment from consequences of a pipeline  failure. The primary purpose of leak detect (MORE)

Is there a part of the brain that can detect what is in the blood and is not part of the BBB?

Yes, there are several. A major one would be the area postrema, which is located in the medulla. This area can "sample" the contents of the bloodstream. If it detects a toxin, (MORE)
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What is the three differences in the behavior of the regulatory functions of the nervous and endocrine systems?

The endocrine systems work with the nervous system but they have a few different functions. The endocrine systems use hormones not nerves, the endocrine system is slower than (MORE)