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What part of the homeostatic regulatory system detects changes in the environment?

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What is the job environment likely to be as a homicide detective?

The job environment for a homicide detective is not clean or pretty. They have to physically go into the location where a suspicious death has and handle things that most of u (MORE)

How to Change the Oil In A Car

One of the easiest ways to destroy your car's engine is to let it run without changing your oil. The proper amount of oil is required to keep your engine running smoothly and (MORE)

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What is a nonliving example of a homeostatic system?

  Answer   A thermostat controlling a heating/cooling system. The thermostat is set at a certain temperature. If the inside temperature drops below this setpoint, the (MORE)

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What part of a muscle detects stretching?

the muscle spindle detects it, and causes reflexes that automatically make slight alterations to muscle tentions, so that you stand up right.
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Why is the lac regulatory system important to bacteria?

The lac regulatory system is a vital part of the bacteria. This is  because, the most common source of food is sugar lactose and it is  required by the enzymes all the time.
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