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Have people been put at risk due to weathering?

Yes people have been put at risk due to weathering as weathering causes rocks to break away and as this happens it can be happening to Stone buildings as well which means a wh (MORE)

What are some hazards or risks of being a doctor?

The hazards of being a doctor include:the possibility that you could acquire a disease from one of your patientsthe possibility that you might be sued by someone claiming that (MORE)

What is the percentage of crime committed due to money?

In last 21 years the crime due to money related issues have been increased by Approx 55%.The main reason for this is founded as unemployment in a per the information (MORE)

What percentage of Antarctica is plant life?

  The only plant life on Antarctica is around the coastal areas.   There are microscopic single cell plants called phytoplankton that live and multiply in water, and mo (MORE)
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Does planned parenthood perform abortions?

Some of the clinics do perform medical abortions but the majority do not. They deal with birth control and other services more. Of the clinics that do perform abortions it's o (MORE)

Benefits of being a holder in due course?

A holder in due course can be insulated from claims against the  original parties of the transaction. The holder, who has provided  value in good faith,Êis thereforeÊprote (MORE)