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What is at risk about abortions?

The same complications you have with childbirth you have with abortions but the risk is smaller. So bleedings, perforation, infections, sterility etc. Especially early abortio (MORE)

Abortions performed due to the health of the mother?

What is your question? You mean conditions of the mother that allow her to have an abortion based on health reasons? Mental health is also incl in that so severe depressions a (MORE)

What percentage of abortions are performed due to the mother's life being at risk?

Reasons for abortions . In 2000, cases of rape or incest accounted for 1% of abortions. Another study, in 1998, revealed that in 1987-1988 women reported the following reason (MORE)

What is the percentage of abortions?

In 2005, about 22% of pregnancies in the U.S. ended in legal abortion. That means that for every 1000 pregnancies, 220 were aborted. This number has been dropping since the ea (MORE)

What percentage of abortions are performed on religious women in America?

Out of around 1.3 million abortions each year in the USA does 43% of women obtaining abortions identify as Protestant and 27% as Catholic. 8% identify other religion e.g. Budd (MORE)

Why would a situation during a pregnancy require abortion to save the mother's life?

There are many situations where abortion may be required to save a woman's life. One of the most common causes of death of young women is pregnancy, young women (pre-teens an (MORE)