What percentage of parents use cloth diapers on their babies?

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Can you use baby diapers on dogs?

dogs and diapers . \nI use little swimmers just cut a whole for the tail though i do not think this would work on big dogs

How many diapers does a baby use?

Newborns need diaper changes 8-10 times a day. As they get older, they use less. Infants need them 4-6 times a day. But expect to use at least three a day for the first year o

How do you get your parents to treat you an 11-year-old like a baby with diapers baby clothes and a highchair?

There are only 3 ways this could possibly ever happen.. 1. You ACT like a baby in diapers, maybe they'll eventually think you lost your mind and treat you like a baby. Unfort

Should you use cloth or disposable diapers and why?

Both cloth and disposable diapers have their pro's and con's, youshould make your decision based on your own personal circumstances.Remember you don't have to choose one or th

Does a baby diaper stink when used?

Dirty ones do, and wet ones do, though they are not so bad.

How many diapers does a baby use in a lifetime?

National Geograchic did a study that said the average American uses 3796 in a lifetime. I find that number to be very light, if the average baby is potty trained at 2 1/2

What did Native Americans use for baby diapers?

There are differing accounts of what kind of 'diapers' were used by Native Americans. Diapers generally were cloth or animal skin wrappings (swaddling cloths) with dried gra

How many diapers do a baby use a week?

Newborns can go through anywhere from 8 to 15 in one day. So, about 70 in a week? As they get older, they use about 4 to 6 or so.

Is cloth diapers good for a baby?

It depends on if being environmentally friendly is important to you or not,because there is not too much of a difference. The only problem is that you do have to wash the diap

When were cloth diapers not used anymore?

Cloth diapers are still used by many people, and are especiallypopular outside of the United States. They have become much morepopular in the US in recent years due to tecnolo