Can a iPhone 3G have 2 lines on the same phone?

Yes. But you need to ask your provider to load your two lines onto one SIM card. This depends on the operator. i.e., not all operators provide such SIM cards. If they do, u (MORE)

Which phone is considered better iPhone or BlackBerry Storm and why?

iPhone is considered better for younger people who will use there phone for an iPod and take full advantage of its features such as the many apps. The Blackberry Storm is con (MORE)

What is better the blackberry storm or the iPhone?

Actually, it's both good. The Blackberry Storm can send files to other phones and can accept files from other phones, and it's good for Twitter, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, etc. But (MORE)

Is the iPhone or blackberry storm better?

Well, It depends what you want it for. If you want something that you would have for yourself and business. Blackberry Storm If you want something with super cool apps that m (MORE)