What plant can help a fever?

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Should you drink ice water to help fight a fever?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nA fever isn't actually a bad thing itself. It's mainly a body signal that something's wrong with you, and also an attempt to reduce the pathogen's activity by heating up the body, which also increases immune system activity. Drinking plenty of water will help, but ice wate (MORE)

What do plants help?

They help us because they give off the air we need to breath. They help us because they give off the air we need to breath.

Does sponging with water help a person with fever?

I am not a physician. First and foremost, get professional attention from a physician. If I were caring for someone who has a fever, I would let the person decide. Sponging with water may bring a little relief, but it will not treat the cause of the fever. If the person is having chills with the fev (MORE)

Does eating honey help against hay fever?

Perhaps, but this has not yet been proved. And this may only work if the honey is local which means if it is obtained from a honey manufacturer that is near or in the local area/region you live in.

What do tawa-tawa plants contain that can cure dengue fever?

tawa-tawa does not fight dengue virus. instead, it only promotes the development of blood platelets and softens the effect of the dengue virus. tawa-tawa has natural enzymes within that stabilize the membranes of the blood vessels, preventing internal bleeding. __________________________________ (MORE)

Do wet socks help a fever?

I doubt it, A fever is to do with the immune system, Its best to be warm and plenty of water, Its just a stupid rumour that is going around stick to what you believe as your mind is the most powerful thing to beat illness and your immune system.

What plants are helpful?

All plants are helpful in a way, because they produce oxygen. We are good for them, because we produce carbon dioxide.

How do plants help?

plants help the earth and they make oygen for you to breath just like trees do

Does NyQuil help fever?

"nyquil does help with fevers but also take some Acetaminophen and ibforen if u can together next thing in the morning the fevers gone if its not then it s a huge problem and u should see a doctor" Never take Tylenol (acetaminophen) with Nyquil! Nyquil contains acetaminophen. This would lead to ov (MORE)

How does fever help fight infections?

The difference in temperature will make the immune system fight more effectively and the infection will weaken.. Also, the body's temperature's increase itself can actually destroy the cause of the illness, such as infection. . Yes, by your body raising its temperature it helps to destroy infectio (MORE)

Is fever generally helps to fight pathogens?

Yes, a fever does help fight pathogens. This is why doctors don'tsuggest taking medicine for a fever, unless it is really highbecause the fever is being caused by the body trying to fight offpathogens.

How can you help bring down a fever?

You can put a wet cloth on your forehead, you might feel shivers but be careful not to put too many blankets on you or your fever might go up. Try taking a cold bath or shower or taking Tylenol fever.

How do plant help plants survive?

well when theres alot of plants around there dead leaves, bark,branches,and pine cones provide mulch wich make fertile soil,also for plants who dont like alot of light trees shade them.and the more plants there are the more seeds that drop and more chances more of that plant will grow.and in strong (MORE)

Which essential oil can help heal the Dengue Fever virus?

Any antiviral essential oil and use only the best! A little moreoften is better then a lot only once. Melaleuca, Lavender, Peppermint, Thyme, Oregano. Be carful the last2 are hot oils but work great. Get the book; Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to theTherapeutic Use of Essential Oils to l (MORE)

Do Prednisone pills help fever blisters?

Prednisone pills won't help fever blisters. Actually, prednisone pills would likely make fever blisters worse because prednisone suppresses the immune system, which delays the return to latency for the virus causing the fever blisters.

What does a plant cell do to help the plant?

Plant cells are important to support the plant (they become turgid when they take in water. Other cells have various functions: root hair cells are adapted to take water and nutrients from soil, xylem cells form tubes to transport water and phloem cells form special tubes for sugar transport.

How do plant parts help plants?

The roots of the plant, anchor it into the soil and absorb water and nutrients deep in the soil. As the plant grows, the roots spread out more and more. The leaves take it sunlight and convert it into food for the plant to use. This is where photosynthesis takes place. The tiny cells inside the lea (MORE)

What helps a fever go away?

Both aspirin and paracetamol reduce fever but aspirin should not be given to children under 12. Liquid paracetamol such as Calpol is recommended for young children. However since fever is a response to your body's immune system fighting bacteria or viruses there is some suggestion it is best not (MORE)

Can video game help a fever?

No, a fever is a symptom of a body's battle against an encroaching ailment, it will go away by itself. You can accelerate the process by resting, so if you find video games restful then it passes the time while you await your immune system's victory. If you experience any headaches or dizziness it w (MORE)

How do teachers help kids when they have a fever?

For the purposes of infection prevention in the classroom, children with fever should be separated from the other children, offered fluids and reassurance, and sent home to rest and recover until fever free for at least 24 hours.

What can help fever blisters?

You can try things like applying ice, taking some IB profin. Applyig creams like Abreva or creams that contain Lysine that are made to help fever blisters and cold sores can also help.

Does sexual intercourse help recovery from dengue fever?

I would recommend against it, since dengue reduces your plaquetlevel, and the more you "horse play" the more your helping yourplaquet levels go down. Also, for a woman it can cause moreabbrasions, which as you know, dengue ledas you hemorrages. So tryto avoid them microscopic cuts. Mind you, dengue (MORE)

Does ice cream help fevers?

ice cream helps fevers because it is cold and it puts the tempature in your body down when it goes through your digestive system becaus e the digestive system is a route that goes through your whole body to your stomach so when that cold ice cream goes down there it goes through your whole body maki (MORE)

Will batrum help a fever blister?

Bactrim is used to treat ear infections, urinary tract infections, bronchitis, traveler's diarrhea, and Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. It's probably not the best thing to use to treat a fever blister. Antibiotics don't do any thing for viral infections, fever blisters are caused by a virus. It coul (MORE)

Why don't antibiotics help fever blisters?

Fever blisters (also called cold sores) are caused by the activation of the herpes simplex virus in the facial nerve. Antibiotics are only effective against bacterial infection.

How does the frost help in yellow fever?

Yellow fever is spread by mosquitoes. The frost kills them off making it much less likely to spread during the winter. Yellow fever is spread by mosquitoes. Frost kills the mosquitoes in the area where the frost occurs. So frost stops the spread of yellow fever in those regions that are not tropic (MORE)

What helps in vaccination fever?

Vaccination fevers are common in children. Since they are mild,parents should not worry about it. Vaccination for kids arecompulsory and fevers after It is are a sign that the baby's immunesystem is healthy. If your kid is 6 months or less it better toseek medical advice. Note if the fever persists (MORE)

How can a fever be helpful in curing a disease?

Many disease causing bacteria in the body require human bodytemperature to survive and flourish. A fever is a rise in thetemperature of the body. The higher temperatures can kill theharmful bacteria resulting in the body being freed of the disease.