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If the price per foot is .72 how do I price this per meter?

There are 3.3 feet in a meter. So you would multiply .72 by 3.3 for your answer. Or you might divide 3.3 into your liner footage to find out your liner meters.

The amount provided at one price?

quantity supplied

What is the price per karat of jade?

Ounce of white milky jade cost 40 times more that gold if the price of gold Is $1700 the cost of one gram is close to $2193.548387097 little more, if one ounce cost $3000 one

What does priced per pair mean?

Per item refers to a single item and per pair refers to two items. e.g when buying shoes or socks, the price is claimed for per pair and not for single shoe or socks.

What is gold price per ounce?

As of today, the price per ounce in USD is roughly 1730.00 give or take a couple bucks. As of June 2014 what is the price of one ounce of gold

What price of diamond per gram?

There is no standard price per gram/ ounce or carat for diamond, since a diamond is valued by its cut, colour, clarity and weight (carat).
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What is the price of satsumas per pound?

They are $2.50 to $3.00 per lb with shipping. Locally they should be about $2.00.

Price of tellurium per gram?

  approx US$0.18/g, or US$180/kg (in 2009).