What procedure is used to 'unfreeze' DVD's in your memorex blu ray disc player model mvbd2520?

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Can regular DVD's be played on Blu-ray DVD's?

A Blu ray player will play a standard DVD (as long as the region code is compatible). You should check your Blu ray player for upscaling capability (with upscaling, the Blu ray player will deliver the highest possible quality even from standard DVD's - otherwise you will only get full performance (MORE)

Can you play a Blu-ray disc using Windows Media player?

As of 2009-09-09 you can not. Blu-ray discs need software that can decode the material in order to play the Blu-ray disc. Windows Media Player does not have Blu-ray decoding capability. A 3rd party software such as WinDVD can be used to playback Blu-ray discs on Windows computers. There are al (MORE)

When were blu ray discs invented?

The first disc system using blue LEDs was introduced by Sony in October 2000. But it was not officially called "Blu-ray" until February 2002.

How Can Write Blu-ray-disc?

To make a Blu-ray disc, you need a Blu-ray writer or burner. You will also need suitable multimedia software, though most Blu-ray burners come with some software.

What is definition of Blu-ray disc?

A Blu-rayay disc can only be played on a Blu-Ray player. The name Blu-ray name is derived from the color of the laser beam that the player uses to read the discs.

Will a us blu ray disc work on a UK blu ray disc player?

\nIt is unlikely that US material will work on European equipment for two reasons. \n. \nFirst, North America operates on a 60Hz field rate, meaning that images are delivered to the screen 60 times each second. In Europe, the field rate is 50Hz. Color encoding is also different for analog signal (MORE)

When were Blu-ray discs invented?

The first DVR Blue prototypes were unveiled at the CEATEC exhibition in October 1999. They were invented in the year 1999. but in 7 years later they first officially released in June 2006.

Can you play Blu-ray discs on a regular DVD player?

BluRay discs carry high definition television and therefore store data in a high density format. A standard definition DVD player will not recognise a BluRay disc and will simply report an error if one is loaded.\n. \nOn the other hand, a BluRay player will not only play BluRay discs but will also (MORE)

Will a Blu-ray disc play on a DVD player?

No. A blue ray disc has a blueray laser to read the HD disc. Also a blueray player needs a spinning reader to read the blueray disc. The spinning reader is also what is used to read DVD's and therefore will read DVD's. A DVD player does not need a blueray laser because the disc can be read without o (MORE)

Can a Blu-ray disc player play on normal tv?

To watch a Bluray disc in high definition, an HD television is needed. However, almost all Bluray players have an analog, standard definition output that can be connected to televisions that are not HD and do not have HDMI inputs.

Is a Blu-ray disc a DVD?

yea its just a more new generation DVD It is the size of a DVD, but it is able to contain many times the information as on a DVD and it is not a DVD. It will not play on a DVD player.

Blu-ray disc space?

Blu-Rays can hold up to a maximum of 50 GB of data, which is 5 times more data than a DVD can hold at a maximum

Can a Blu-ray disc player be connected to an analog television?

Hi, It simply depends on the model of player. A lot of the current Bly-Ray players still have S-Video, Composite, or Component connections on the back (but not all players). I think many Blu-Ray players will include analog outputs for a while yet, but it kind of defeats the object of Blu-Ray. It's (MORE)

IS Blu-ray disc in India?

Yes, it is available in India, but the Region Code will be "C". "A" (for example) is for The Americas (North, Central & South) , and their dependencies, East Asia (except China and Mongolia ), and Southeast Asia. And "B" is for Africa, Southwest Asia, Europe (except Belarus, Russia and Ukraine (MORE)

Can you use a Blu-ray disc for a computer?

Yes, it certainly can, if you do have a Blue-ray drive in your computer. If you do not own a Blue-ray Drive in your computer, you will be unable to run it on a computer.

Does the playstatoin 3 use 50gb Blu-ray discs?

The PlayStation 3 reads both formats of Blu-Ray Disks (Dual Layer, Single Layer). The capacity of these disks vary by manufacturer and model (i.e. with DVD-R and DVD+R) however, the two main capacities are 50GB and 100GB.

What is the size of Blu-ray Disc?

If you're talking about length, the Blu-Ray disc is the same exact size of a DVD. But if you're talking about memory size, I think it is 50GB.

Will Blu-ray disc players play the Blu-ray disc on a regular tube TV?

Most Bluray players can play either DVDs or Bluray discs using a standard definition television. Almost all Bluray players have an analog composite, S-video or component output that can be used. Before purchasing, check that the player has an output that the television can accept. Note that the qua (MORE)

Can DVD player with upscaling play a Blu-ray disc?

DVD players cannot play Bluray discs. The lasers and the data storage are different so no data can be read from a Bluray disc in a DVD drive. That is the case whether or not there is any up-scaling available in the player. Bluray players on the other hand are quite happy to play DVDs as well as Blu (MORE)

How do you burn Blu-ray disc?

To burn your own Blu-Ray discs, you will need a Blu-Ray burner. The hardware will come with the software you need. You can try leawo blu-ray creator which is relatively cheap and can burn the movies in good quality.

Do Blu-ray DVD players play American DVD's?

Yes, although it depends on if the American DVD is a Blu-Ray disc... Many American DVD's come in Blu-Ray and in the normal version, so if you're looking to buy one, just make sure on the cover it says Blu-Ray. :] :) I hope I helped. Signed, Aalyiah

Can you update your Blu-ray disc player?

Yes. But be aware that not all updates are necessary. Some of the recent movies actually have the necessary updates installed onto them and will install the updates into your player if necessary

Will a UK Blu-ray disc work on us player?

Maybe. Some BD's are coded region-free, so can be played by aBlu-Ray player in any country. About 70% of the discs out there areregion free, but most current releases from studios have regioncoding which will not permit a US player to play a UK disc. With Blu-ray it's Region A, B, and C North Amer (MORE)

How do you burn a Blu-ray disc?

The easiest way I have used is to use a bd burning program and it is very useful and essy.The burnt quality is very good.

When was the use of Blu-ray discs started?

The beginning of Blu Ray was first announced in 2002, and it was first launched in Japan in 2003. The players for the discs did not become globally available till about 2006, however.

How much for a Blu-ray disc player?

For a more basic blu-ray disc player you might give 70 dollars. For one with wifi and other features you can as much as 120 dollars. I suggest browsing Amazon for these. Amazon usually gives lower prices and you can read customer reviews too.