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What religion linked the Japanese emperor and the state?

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Who was the Japanese emperor?

  There have been 125 Japanese emperors. The current one is Akihito, son of the Emperor Showa (or Hirohito)

What are the religions of the Japanese?

the major two religions in Japan are Shinto and Bhuddism. . Shinto is a polytheistic relision origined in Japan, and Bhuddism came through China in CE 593.. Many Japanese d

Which religion had the emperor in charge of the religion and empire?

Many ancient civilizations combined the roles of priest and ruler into one godlike entity. Ancient Egypt, The Aztecs, ancient Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan, Mongol, and Saxon cul

What religion are Japanese?

The main Japanese religions are Shintoism and Buddhism. Some people are also Jewish, Christian or any other religion they choose.

Which emperor decreed Christianity to be the official religion of the Roman state?

Christianity was declared to be the official religion of Rome by Flavius Theodosius in 380 A.D. However, there is some important history leading up to this declaration.  

Who was the Japanese emperor in 1735?

The Japanese emperor during 1735 was Emperor Sakuramachi. He was the 115th emperor of Japan. He was born on February 8, 1720 and died on May 28, 1750. Served as emperor from 1

Who was the religion linked to the state in early roman times?

The religion is linked to the state because the Romans have believed in God for a long time. The Romans used to worship at meal times, they were very respectful to there God,