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What role do magnets play helping a generator create electricity?

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Did General Electric help to create Wipro?

Yes, General Electric helped to create Wipro in that it helped them  expand their range of products and services. In 1989. General  Electric went into a joint venture with W

How can a magnet generate electricity?

The first law of thermodynamics is that   matter/energy cannot be "created" or destroyed. We can convert energy   from one form to another. For instance, in a car, we

How can electricity be generated by magnetism?

The simple answer is by induction. Induction is the "sweeping" of a magnetic field across a conductor and the generation of electromotive force (EMF) or voltage in this action

What role does an electromagnet play in generating electricity?

the electro magnet is allowed to spin in circular rotation , and because the magnet has magnetic lines of flux exuding from itself, the magnetic lines induce electrical curr

How do magnets help generator produce electricity?

Magnets would have magnetic flux around. As a coil linked with this magnetic flux is rotated such that the flux would change then an electro motive force is induced. This is t

How do magnets help generators create electricity?

If a conductor - such as a wire - moves through a magnetic field, a voltage is produced in the conductor. This may cause a current (if the wire is connected to an external cir

How does electricity generate magnetism?

A flow of electric current creates a surrounding swath of magnetic flux. This flux will mingle with and surround the current flow. If the current is bent by say winding a wire

What is the role of magnets in electric motors?

permanent magnets have magnetic force,directed from its north pole to its south pole.In D.C motors when a mold of current carrying wires interrupts this magnetic force, a mech

What is the purpose of magnets in electric generators?

They produce a magnetic field. The moving wires cut this field, producing electricity according to Maxwell's equations. Theoretically the wires could be held still and the mag
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How do magnet s generate electricity?

Magnets are just rocks that come from the Earth. The Earth has grvaity, and when the magnets come up frm the ground they keep there gravity with them and thts how it wrks.