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What should you say when you refuse drugs?

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Should you say no to drugs?

you most certainly should...its as easy as just saying no, or not even being in a situation where it would come up. This was the anti-drug phrase created during the Reagan adm

Can you refuse a drug test from the cops?

Yes, you don't have to consent to any searches, but you will most likely be detained for not submitting to the request. If you haven't been doing drugs, then there is nothing

Why you should say no to drugs?

There are as many reasons as there are drug-types.   Many drugs are addictive, illegal, and physically, mentally, socially, and\\or financially damaging. The short term ben

What should you do if your friends offer you drugs and you dont know how to refuse?

Well, first you should see how serious it is; talk to them. See if they do it regularly. And if they don't, if it was just one time and they feel awful about it, let it alone.

What should you say if someone asks you to take drugs?

You should say "No, i have to get home soon." or you could say "no! i could be taking a drug test at any time!" then like if you have a phone call someone like your mother

Why should people say no to drugs?

1. Drugs mess with your mind  Drug use can cause you to lose your ability to  remember things, to think clearly and to study properly. Drug use  gives you the impression th

Can you refuse a drug test?

If you are on probation or parole or have a job that requires you to do so , no you can not refuse. any situation other than that refuse you can refuse.

What helps you refuse drugs?

when you take drugs, think about your family who really concerns you I've got over some addiction The most efficient way is "Be brave" You can do whatever you want to

What should you say to a friend on drugs who won't listen?

Most people on drugs think they know all about it and they refuse to believe they could get hooked on drugs and are different than most other people so it is a waste of time t

Why should I say no to drugs?

Illicit drugs can be very dangerous for physical and mental health. They are also illegal in most areas of most countries. These are the negatives which must be taken into acc