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Differentiate between international human resource management and domestic human resource management?

The major difference between International HR and Domestic Hr as follows: Domestic HR caters the local resources, whereas International Hr caters expatriates. The intensit (MORE)

Difference between international marketing and domestic marketing?

Difference between international marketing and domestic marketing First, International marketing is facing a more complex market environment . Domestic marketing is conduct (MORE)

What is the difference between international terrorism and domestic terrorism?

Domestic terrorism is the violence that involves individuals or groups of terrorist whose activities are aimed at the government's elements or populations without any foreign (MORE)

What are similarities and differences between insurance and risk management?

"Risk management" might be considered to be the umbrella topic. Managing risk can be accomplished by risk avoidance, taking measures to reduce or ameliorate risk, or risk tran (MORE)

Difference between domestic tourism and international tourism?

Domestic tourism is traveling within one's own country while  international tourism is traveling to any place outside of a  person's country of residence. In a comparison be (MORE)