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How do you block a site?

Tips about blocking sites http://www.ehow.com/how-did_106714_block-sites-pc-mac.html

What game websites aren't blocked by schools?

Most games at schools are blocked, because apparently they want you to focus on school and not games. There are very few games that aren't block, if a game is unblocked, it wi

Is there any sites that aren't blocked?

Yes. There are lots of sites that aren't blocked. I can't answer questions about what may or may not be blocked from your school/library/workplace computers, because you thou

What games sites aren't blocked by schools?

Schools tend to want you to work and learn rather than play games. That said, during downtime games can be quite relaxing as long as you don't disturb other people. Proxies

What game websites aren't blocked by school?

It depends on what security your school has and blocks. You can  check which protection they have by going to a blocked site and  looking at what happens when you access it.

What websites aren't block by school?

This all depends on what school you go to and where. Many schools  have different block lists of sites and different states/countries  have different standards of what is to

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Because they're answered by volunteers. You want a right answer, hire a consultant and expect to pay through the nose. You want an answer for free, you take what you get. T