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What can you put on the right side of your project board?

In English, we read from left to right. You can assume that people  looking at your project will instinctively start at the top left  and end at the bottom right.   So t (MORE)

What do you put on your science fair board?

what do you put on my science board i kinda new to this so can u tell me like do i put my name or somethingElse ?like i really want to know be cause i want to make my patents (MORE)

How should a cutting board be cleaned?

For plastic boards: Scrub it with soap and hot water. If you want, add some dish detergent and let it soak on there. To remove some stains (from foods), put a mix of kosher sa (MORE)
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How do you put the boots on a wake board?

depending on what kind of hardware u have to put it on u need a screw driver you put the bindings on the board and line up the holes then if you need spacers put them on now t (MORE)

Can you put osb board on top of concrete?

  No. The only wood that should come into contact with concrete should be pressure treated lumber. You could try fastening down some 1x4's to the concrete (i suggest glue (MORE)

How much does a poster board cost?

The cost of a poster board varies by quality and type. Generic, low  end poster boards can be purchased at dollar stores across the  United States. Floppy-type boards run fr (MORE)
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What side of a poster board do you write on?

I would use marker on the non-glossy side because it could smear on the glossy side but I guess you could use crayon or colored pencil on the glossy side. Overall for any writ (MORE)