What stores hire 16 year olds in the Columbus oh area?

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What grocery stores in Florida will hire a 14 year old?

In most cases, you have to be sixteen but some stores will hire youat fifteen. Publix may hire you if you are 14.

Does the Kroger stores hire 14 year olds?

actual Krogers do hire 14 year olds but i don't think o right now just know in the beginning of the summer.

What stores hire 14-year-olds?

Kroger grocery stores and some subways Answer Chick-Fil-A hires at 14 years of age.wal mart walmart doesnt hire at 14.

What stores hire fifteen year olds?

Answer . \nSome grocery stores will hire fifteen-year-olds. Also, some hospitals will hire, for aids. Babysitting is also a great option, and you can usually set your own rate for that, within reasonable boundaries (5 or 6 dollars per hour is what I see most of the time). Also, do a search on monster.com, snagajob.com, or similar sites. Hope this helps! -Kate

Are there any shoe stores that hire 14 year-olds?

Answer . \nYes, I am 14 and work at a shoe store in Norman, Oklahoma!!! (You get paid really well when your young!!)

Which Kroger store in Columbus Ohio will hire a 14-year-old?

umm Kroger on parsons avenue, and they will hire: rallys, mcdonlads, dairy queen wendys. all of the resturaunts you have to have a job permitt!

What department stores in New York will hire a 16-year-old?

Here's your answer. JOBS at 16 i know that American appreal hires 16yr olds. it's in Manhattan and alot of other places such as California and Florida.it's a good paying job for a 16 year old they pay 9 the hour. it's the best.

What store will hired a 15 years old?

Unfortunately, none. Simply because stores cannot get insurance for school-age kids to work on their premises. Additionally - if a store sells such items as tobacco or alcohol it is ILLEGAL for you to serve a customer unless you're of the legal age to actually use such substances.

What stores hire 14 year olds in moreno valley?

sprint for human arrows hold signs have to be willing and energized pays 5 $ hour 12-4 20.00$ for one day days are sat-sun ill do it im 14

What department stores hire at 15 years old?

With a few exceptions everywhere hires at sixteen. True: Coldstone Creamery hires at 15 and half if you are looking for a job of that type. Safeway hires courtesy clerks (Provides superior customer service. Greets customers, bag groceries, helps customers out to their cars and collects empty carts for return to the store. Other duties include sanitation, price checks, stocking of bags at the checkstands, cleaning of spills. Minimum age is 14 years old!!) Good luck :)

What stores hire 13 year olds in Binghamton?

None that I know of.... As far as I know, you can not even get working papers until the age of 14.... I have a 13 yr old myself and live just outside of Binghamton. The youngest I know of is 15 at the Giant Supermarkets....but you have to still be in school. If you are not in school or do not have a GED, they won't hire you

What stores will hire a sixteen year old?

fast food resturants like mcdonalds, wendys, sonics, they actually hire at 14,long john silvers, targets,walmart hire at 17 and so on........

What stores hires a 13 year old boy in California?

Answer . Both the minor and the store must have a Permit to Employ and Work.. According to the California Statutes, a 13 year old may be employed only during school holidays and vacations (usually construed to include weekends). They may never be employed on any school day, either before or after school.

Are there good paying stores that hire 13 year olds?

You have to be 14 to legally start working at stores. You can start working at a grocery store at 14 as a bagger.

What places are hiring 16 year olds?

In Arkansas, most fast food establishments will hire 16 year olds. Some grocery stores as well. Their hours to work are limited to only after school hours until about 9:00 pm on weekdays. The only way a school age person can work weekdays if they are in high school and in a school work program in which they get school credits for having a job but there are requirements to get in this program and a rules to ensure the student actually works because the school will dismiss the student early from school on the days they have to work.

What stores or companies hire a 14 year old?

Usually McDonalds or Dairy Queen would but besides that I don't know. You can always try mowing lawn and raking leaves like i do cause I'm 14. or you can do a paper round just ask a little store on the corner that delivers papers. Well, good luck anyways.

What stores are hiring 14 years old in huntsville AL?

\nNO STORES! If you're 14 you are under legal working age. Ya gotta be 16.

Who hires 16 years old teenagers in Chicago?

There are many places that hire 16 year old teenagers in Chicago.Some places are fast food restaurants and grocery stores.

Does WalMart hire 16 year olds?

Yes They do hire 16 year olds in most states but you would have to check with them. Well technically it depends on the states child labor laws because walmart the company does recongnize 16 years as being able to work.

Where are jobs in Cincinnati oh that hire 14 year olds?

The Seasons Retirement Home on Montgomery or pit-to-plate on Hamilton Avenue. they hire for bussing (getting dishes from tables) or a dishwasher, and the manager is really nice

Who hires 16 year olds?

Some grocery/supermarket stores hire 16 year olds. Often there are child appropriate stores in malls that look for younger hires to be kid friendly. Check at Claire's for example.

What stores hire 12-year-old in Alabama?

None. The minimum age to work is 14 and you must have a work permit.

What store can hire 13 year old?

inless you find a family owned business or a farm, you cannot get an employed job at the age of13. when you turn 14 you can get a workers permit and some grocery stores will hire you as a bagger.

What stores hire 12 year old kids?

You can try Gap, or if you wait a little bit, and then they're many more jobs like Rita's, Retail Store, Grocery Stores, and etc.

Does Target hire 16 year olds?

Yes, you are able to apply for a job at most Target stores around the USA. If you are 16 and wish to be hired at Target, your best time to apply is from summer to roughly October. That is when they are looking for seasonal extra help.

Are there any department stores that hire 13 year olds?

i don't think so. just keep looking around you will find a job don't worry.

Places in Tampa that hire 16 years old?

\nWhen You Turn 14 You can work in an:\n. \noffice, grocery store, retail store, restaurant, movie theater, baseball park, amusement park, or gasoline service station.\n. \nYou generally may not work in:\n. \ncommunications or public utilities jobs, construction or repair jobs, driving a motor vehicle or helping a driver, manufacturing and mining occupations,power-driven machinery or hoisting apparatus other than typical office machines, processing occupations, public messenger jobs, transporting of persons or property, workrooms where products are manufactured, mined or processed, or warehousing and storage.\n. \nIn addition, you may not work any other job or occupation declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor.\n. \nWhen You Turn 16 You can work in any job or occupation that has not been declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor.\n. \nHazardous Occupations\n. \nYou generally may not work in any of the following hazardous occupations: manufacturing and storing of explosives, driving a motor vehicle and being an outside helper on a motor vehicle; coal mining, logging and sawmilling, power-driven woodworking machines, exposure to radioactive substances, power-driven hoisting apparatus, power-driven metal-forming, punching, and shearing machines, mining, other than coal mining, meat packing or processing (including the use of power-driven meat slicing machines), power-driven bakery machines, power-driven paper-product machines, manufacturing brick, tile, and related products, power-driven circular saws, band saws, and guillotine shears, wrecking, demolition, and shipbreaking operations, roofing operations and all work on or about a roof, or excavation operations.\n. \nDifferent rules apply to farms, and individual States may have stricter rules.\n. \nhttp://www.youthrules.dol.gov/jobs.htm

What stores hire 15 year olds in florida?

Grocery stores and fast food restaurants will hire 15 year olds inFlorida. Summer camps, pools and babysitting are other possiblejobs.

Which retail stores hire 14-year-olds?

i dont think 14 year olds are able to work yet usually maybe for community service in highschool no actually in new york you get your permit in high school at 14 and theres a program with summeryouth is the name and from 14-24 you can apply for jobs but if you want to work in retail its usually 16 and i heard they pay good for a waitress at dave and busters where you need to be 18 because of late night shifts and you handle alcohol my cousin was 19 turning 20 working there

What clothing store will hire a 15 year old?

Most.. Depends on the store.. Some say they wont hire unless your over 14 and 9 months, others not until your 16.. You should just drop in your resume to a few places, see what happens.

What places are hiring 16 years old in Columbus Ohio?

Many places will hire 16 year olds. Just keep labor laws in mind. 16 year olds can not legally work certain jobs.

Does Starbucks hire 16 year olds?

Yes, but most likely you won't be working at the registers or making the food and drinks until you are 18. Teens at the age of 16 are usually cleaning the tables or bathrooms.

What clothing stores hire 14 year olds?

I can't be exact because I'm not postive, but I don't believe thatclothing stores hire at the age of 14. But, like I said I'm notsure so I would suggest going to the clothing store that you wishto work at and ask them yourself.

What jobs hire 15 and 16 year olds in Cincinnati?

You might have a hard time getting hired, but most restaurants might hire you as a bus boy, or most fast food places would hire you too. Those types of jobs would probably be the easiest to get.

Does any clothing stores hire 15 year olds?

most stores do not. but there are some stores that hire at 16. such as Pac Sun.

What grocery store will hire a 14 year old?

it would most likely be a little store eg:rabba hi my name is sh-awn Henderson and uh most grocery stores only hire ages 16 and up. :)

Does dots clothing store hire 14 year olds?

No, they hire at 16 And they don't hire White Americans. Read the news article http://www.suntimes.com/business/5298681-420/hobart-dots-store-to-pay-for-refusing-to-hire-whites.html Hobart Dots store to pay for refusing to hire whites

What stores hire at 11 years old?

well at 11 years old there's a less chance of getting hired at a store. but you can do other things like mow the lawn, or baby sit , dishes general housework. or you can work in a family business. .

What jobs hire 16 year olds?

Teenagers older than 16 can often find jobs in the hospitalityservices. Waiters, hosts, cashiers, and baby-sitters are examplesof this type of job.

What places will hire a 16 year old in pa?

Go to china there is alot of stores there. trust me, i been there =D

What grocery store hires 13 year olds?

I'm sorry to say this but there is no grocery store that hires 13 year old. The only way u can get a job at the grocery store is if your family owns one. You can deliver papers and do act at a local theader. It depends on where you live. You can write an article for the local newspaper! There is one last choice. You can wait until next year and when your 14 years old you can check if they will hire at chick fil a. (depends on where u live)

What stores in Edmonton AB hire 13 year olds?

Pretty much any fast food restaurent, my friend is 13 and she works at dairy queen. Some clothing stores could hire you, but your best shot would be at a walmart or superstore.

What store hires 11 year olds?

Depends on the owner, but the store that can always hire 11 year olds are your parents.. You can always do extra chores.. Due to current Child Labor Laws in the United States, it is illegal for ANY business to hire anyone under the age of 15 or 16. The only exception to this is working for your parents.

What stores or job is hiring for 17 year old?

Levi's Rue21 Kohl's Target Big lots Ross Marshalls Sears...ect also Truro apply for food places like McDonald's Sonic Burger king...ect

What jobs in Columbus Ohio will hire a 15 year old?

In Columbus, Ohio you are able to get a work permit at the age of14. Some jobs that will hire a 15 year old could includeneighborhood stores in need of someone to stock shelves, or cleanup. You could also get paid for doing yard work.

Does tropical smoothie hire 16 year olds?

Generally Tropical Smoothie hires 18 year old but applicants under 18 year old with the proper work permits might be put into consideration.

Will anyone hire you if you are only 16 years old?

Yes, there are many places that hire teens at the age of 16. Go around your community and put applications in at some businesses. Some places you should try are: grocery stores, retail shops, and other places like that.

What grocery store hire 15 year old?

Many grocery stores usually hire 15 year old. You might try Kohl's, Publix, Boston Markets, Reasor's, Wal-mart, Kroger or Winn-Dixie.

Can a 12 year old get hired at a grocery store?

A 12-year old cannot get a "public" job. They can do thetraditional babysitting, yard work, pet sitting, tutoring, privatesmall jobs on farms, in greenhouses, etc. According to the USDepartment of Labor, 14 years old is the minimum age fornon-agricultural employment, and the job is very limited as to howand when the child can work.

What retail store hires 14 year old girls?

To the last person who answered this...it isn't illegal. Get your facts straight. Many of the retail stores say they will only hire 16+ but if you talk to the manager in person they might hire you.