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What strategies did each side use throughout the civil war?

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What were the strategies of the two sides in the Civil War?

Strategies of the Civil War Northern Strategy Take over the Mississippi River so as to cut off the South from its territories. They also wanted to blockade all of the Southe

What were the southern strategies for the US Civil War?

The fist strategy of the South was to hold a steady defense against the North because they thought the North would give up easily. Second, they were to gain help through Brita

What strategies were used during the civil war?

the strategy that was used by the north to defeat the south was the python. the python is when the north surrounded the South and slowly moved in and destroyed the south just

What were the strategies of the Union in the US Civil War?

The Union had several main strategies:    1. Push hard to take the Confederate capital at Richmond, Virginia.   2. Blockade trade from the southern ports. Cut off a

What were the problems faced in the US Civil War Battle of Cold Harbor by each side?

The Union forces went in a full frontal assault against a well  prepared Confederate army that was fortified and not exposed. The  result was a disaster for the Union army.

What were the major strategies of the US Civil War?

Divide and conquer. The Mississippi and Ohio River valleys were the first major goals. Then they followed the rail lines and rivers of the south and carved it into smaller a

What are the strategies for both sides during the civil war?

The Union's side of strategy was the anaconda plan. The plan was to blockade the Southern ports and not let them receive or ship any goods. This will weaken them and then they

What were the weaknesses of each side as the US Civil War began?

Union: The costly task of doing the invading Mostly operating in unfamiliar terrain Absence of an emotive war-mission Many Generals were politicians-in-uniform Bad draft law,