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What strategies did each side use throughout the civil war?

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What were the strategies of the Union in the US Civil War?

The Union had several main strategies:    1. Push hard to take the Confederate capital at Richmond, Virginia.   2. Blockade trade from the southern ports. Cut off a

What were the North's strategies to win the US Civil War?

The strategies of the North was the Northern Strategy of Attrition,  which led to its ultimate victory. By some it was called the  Anaconda Plan. It involved blockading all

What was the Union's strategy for winning the US Civil War?

The "Anaconda Plan", to weaken the South then invade it. The first plan put forward by the General-in-Chief, Winfield Scott,was based on the prospect of a long war, with a big

What were the strategies of the two sides in the Civil War?

Strategies of the Civil War Northern Strategy Take over the Mississippi River so as to cut off the South from its territories. They also wanted to blockade all of the Southe

What were two strategies the Confederates used in the US Civil War?

Two strategies of the Confederates, or the South, were to be  defensive unless the Union, or the North, gave the opportunity to  attack and advance. Another tactic the South

What were the major strategies of the US Civil War?

Divide and conquer. The Mississippi and Ohio River valleys were the first major goals. Then they followed the rail lines and rivers of the south and carved it into smaller a

What are the strategies for both sides during the civil war?

The Union's side of strategy was the anaconda plan. The plan was to blockade the Southern ports and not let them receive or ship any goods. This will weaken them and then they

What was the Union strategy used during the US Civil War?

There were a number of Union operations and strategies employed by  the Union to end the Confederate rebellion. Some were more  effective than others. For example the blocka

What are the war strategies of the north during the US Civil War?

The strategy of the North was outlined by General Winfield Scott at the very beginning of the hostilities. His scheme, which was eventually used after several Union reversals,

What was the souths Civil War strategy?

The main southern strategy was to defeat the attacking Union forces and force the northern states to negotiate. Later in the war, a slightly altered strategy was to take a m

What kind of military strategy did each side developin the civil war?

I don't know if this is right or wrong but this is what my teacher said to me, That the military strategy each side develop is that they defend there their own home and te