What subjects do people need to look after special needs people?

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Why do peoples' bodies need water?

ANSWER: . Its because we are made up mostly of water. If you dont give the body water, the blood cells cannot deliver it to all the cells of the body that rely on it to stay alive. If they dont get water, the individual cells die of dehydration. If this happens in large quantities, the host (body (MORE)

What do people need?

Answer . The truth when possible; the dis-ambiguous truth.. Answer . Depends on the person. Some people live simply and others require higher maintenance. Other factors may be how you were raised and on the financial abilities that you have. Our basics are food, water and companionship, eve (MORE)

Why do people with autism need special treatment?

Thier brains are hindered in one way or another by this illness. (i am not a doctor). They are not always capable of understanding the world the same way a person without autism does. To really understand why they need special help, you must first understand why you can do the things you do, like wa (MORE)

Why do people have a need to control other people?

The need for control is omnipresent in an imperfect society. The psychological answer is that for some people who control others there is a personal/emotional gain. The majority of the time it is for self-gratification. That is usually based on a low self-esteem and poor upbringing. If those needs h (MORE)

Why do people need shadow?

They don't need a shadow, because youre body is blocking light from the sun there a dark spot behind you.

Why do people need air?

There are two reasons why people need air. First, human metabolism requires oxygen. Secondly, in a vacuum the boiling point of water is much lower, and our blood would boil.. And, let us not forget, without air there could be no airplanes. Or kites.

Do people with klinefelter's disease need special attention?

Generally they do not need special attention. However, in early childhood they may suffer from learning disabilities and be a bit more awkward than many other boys of a similar age. Later in life other issues may arise such as Gynocomastia (manboobs) and they may be infertile. In general symptoms (MORE)

Do people need a special place to worship?

Some seem to judging from the number of places of worship that exist and are still being built.. ANSWER: . It depends on whom you worship. If you are going to worship Britney Spears, or Micheal Jackson I would prefer you do so in the comfort of your own home, but these idols do have special places (MORE)

What are the special needs of people with Turner syndrome?

Turner's Syndrome only occurs in females. Symptoms of a girl with Turner syndrome include: . short stature . webbed skin of the neck . abnormal eye features (drooping eyelids) . abnormal bone development, such as a "shield-shaped," broad flat chest . absent or retarded development of secondary (MORE)

What subjects do you need to study in order to work with people who have Down syndrome?

child development, actually none just be you, get involved spend time, talk w/ parents, talk to a child whom has down syndrome, take continueing education courses, that involve working w/ persons w/ disabilities, volunteer for special olympics. Or obtain a part time job as a respite provider at a gr (MORE)

Does Robert Pattinson help people with special needs?

yes he helps people in need so that's really the best thing he's ever did or does is help out with people like with disabilities or disorders right? he seem's really nice. i think he is nice, even nice to people with special need's right?

What causes people to have special needs and why?

The causes vary. Some people are born with disabilities that are physical or mental. While others get into accidents that result in a person having special needs. Sometimes a special needs situation is caused by a disease and the resulting treatments. So, it isn't any one thing and any one of us cou (MORE)

How can people with special needs work?

This is a very good question! As a person with special needs myself I can tell you that it is very difficult. I was born with Touretts Syndrome, have been on the TS board of directors, and counseled many people on this subject. The first thing I would recommend is to see if there is some association (MORE)

What is considered abuse of people with special needs?

any kind of abuse such as physical, emotional,mental or just simply taking advantage of a person who doesn't have the knowledge,almost like getting someone drunk to have sex with you,because the person is not in their full senses,or anything offensive, gosh, it really depends on what way you look at (MORE)

What are the spiritual needs of the people in Miami?

The same as anywhere, for there is nothing unique about residents of Miami that sets them spiritually apart from others. In general, and as neutrally as possible, those needs are to find meaning and purpose in their life, to accept some kind of code for facing lifes problems, and to finding a niche (MORE)

Do people need nutrients to survive?

yes because for example vitamin c. Ferdinand Magellan didn't have it on his voyage so most people in the voyage died except some people who were eating fruit jam which contains vitamin c.

Why do people need hot ice?

The hot ice as in an hot-pack is used to store heat that won't be lost when it's in an cold enviroment. The particle that causes the ice to be hot(Sodium acetate: NaCH 3 COO) is also used in food as an preservative and an acidity(pH) regulator.

Why do people need to communicate with computers?

Why do people need to communicate with computers? People want to communicate through computers because of following reason: 1.Communication is instant in nearly all aplication such email,chatting,conferences. 2.Cost effective even email and chatting are free. 3.No paper work needed. 4.Dec (MORE)

Why the people need the law?

people need laws because they need to be able to know what to do and what not to do. they need someone telling them what is allowed so that the whole world doesnt go into chaos. no laws= no rules no rules= chaos chaos=bad:( made by: Frances

Do Oprah help people in need?

Good Morning: . Yes, I feel that Ms. Winfrey helps a lot of people and organizations. This why I'm requesting her help and or just listen to my story. I started this business with my last unemployment check, after being in an auto accident. I started from being an in home daycare to owing a fa (MORE)

People that are in need of loan in Latvia?

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What do you need to do to get into people to people student ambassadors?

The number of students who are invited to apply varies each year depending on the number of recommendations we receive. We select 40 local students for our local delegation from surrounding schools; therefore, interest and entrance can be very competitive. Some delegations are full within a few days (MORE)

Why did Framers feel a special group of people would be needed to elect the president?

The population of the United States in 1787 was often uninformed about candidates and issues due to lack of mass media as we have today, the number of citizens who lived away from the cities where news and information were more available, and the limited education of many voters. When the electoral (MORE)

How can you communicate with people who have special needs?

Well it depends on the disability is, they vary a lot and sometimes the best way is to talk is treat them normally because they are more likely to respond to this. however you have to take into considerations other communication skills like eye contact and the pace of you voice this is because they (MORE)

Why do people need hygiene needs?

If you have ever seen a nasty looking person, (homeless) they do not have good hygiene. If you don't want to look like that, you need good hygiene. * Aside from appearances, there are more serious reasons to take care of yourself. Washing is a means of cleansing oils, bacteria, and dead skin fro (MORE)

What special skills do people need to go to Antarctica?

People are hired to live and work in Antarctica on a temporary basis, based on science being performed there. Skills include science-based skills, and skills to support people working in science. Support skills can be cook, driver, cleaner, IT specialist and so forth.

Why do people need psychologist to help them with their needs?

their are lots of differed reasons why people may need apsychologist to help them with their needs in the psychiatristaspect, a person who has a mental illness like bipolar ordepression will need psychologist to help Diagnose them with theirmental illness and treat them professionally, as they can g (MORE)