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What surface would you be able to see easier through a telescope mars or Venus?

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Why can astronomers see the surface of mars clearly but not the surface of Venus?

Astronomers can see Mars surface more clearly because the sun shines on Mars more than Venus so we can see it better. 2. Well, Mars has little atmosphere, or at least a transp

Are you able to see Venus without a telescope or not?

Yes, you can see Venus without a telescope. After the Sun and Moon, it is the third brightest object in the sky. Right now (April 13, 2012) it can be found in the western (set

When to see at mars through telescope round the year?

Right now in June, 2009, Mars is easily visible in the eastern sky starting about 2 hours before dawn. As the Earth catches up with Mars in its orbit, it will rise earlier and

Can you see the surface of Venus with a telescope?

The surface of Venus is not visible from earth or from space because the planet is covered by a dense opaque layer of clouds. The cloud layer is highly reflective and makes Ve

Why can astronomers see the of mars clearly but not the surface of venus?

While it's very easy to look at the surface of Mars with ordinary binoculars, it is near impossible to observe the surface of Venus, even with the longest and most powerful te