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Who is Selena Perez?

Selena Perez is a Hispanic singer who started singing at a VERY young age. Selena became very famous and had many fans from all over the UnitedStates and in Mexico. Selena was part of the band "Selena y los Dinos". Selena married Chris Perez against her fathers will, but after she did it her father was very happy to have Chris in the Family. Chris started out as part of the band, but he and Selena fell in love although the family was against it.

Does chris Perez still love Selena?

yes, Chris still loves Selena because he said in his interview "right now I have, except for her, everything that I want but I would give it all up just to have her back because that's how much she meant to me."

Where did Selena quintanilla Perez die?

Selena died in the Days Inn hotel in Room 150. To escape discussion of the missing paper work. She told Selena that she had been raped. After finding no proof of rape, Selena went back to the hotel. Selena told Yolanda that she can't trust her any more. She took of the friendship ring that Yolanda gave her. As she turned to leave, Yolanda pulled out a pistol and shot her in the right shoulder. The bullet went though a blood vein. Selena ran to the lobby and said " Close the Door! She's going to shoot me again!". They asked who, and she said " Yolanda, room 150!". Then she passed out on the floor. Paramedics came and took Selena to the hospital. Selena Died at 1:05 PM due to blood loss. Yolanda was later arrested and sent to jail for life for killing the famed Latino super star.

Is chris Perez still in touch with selenas family?

Of course. He still lives next door to Selena's parents. In addition, he was a member of the Kumbia Kings with AB Quintanilla, Selena's brother who played the bass but now, he has left to form his own band as a result of financial difficulties with AB.

Did Chris Perez ever marry again since the death of Selena Perez?

Yes, Chris married Vanessa Villanueva and together they have two children Cassie and Noah. However, Vanessa filed for divorce in 2008.

What happened to Selena Perez sister?

Selena Perez's sister, Suzette, is still well and alive. She is currently operating Selena's Corpus Christi boutique, at least until the day that it officially closes.

Where is Selena Quintanilla Perez boutique?

Her most famous boutique is in Corpus Christi Texas (The one that people like to take pictures of the Selena Etc. logo outside of the building, and the same one that the Quintanillas have confirmed that will be closed really soon) However she did want to open a 2nd boutique in Monterrey, Mexico but probably this never worked out at the end.

What did Selena Perez like to have?

Selena wanted to continue playing music and dancing, the stuff that made her the well known superstar. She also wanted to have children and also wanted to have a large yard that had horses, something she enjoyed other than singing, dancing and designing clothes.

Where was Selena Perez shot?

she was shot walking out of room 158 ofdays inn hotel on 901 navigation blvd. in corpus christi,tx. i think that Selena wouldve been shot again and again and again till she died if she wouldn't of ran but she shouldve held her hand to her neck and applied pressure cause it wouldve helped stop bleeding

Was Selena quantinilla Perez cheating on chris Perez?

Never! Selena has said that Chris was the love of her life. He wasalways supporting her until the day she died but why did Selena nothave him come with her to see Yolanda, even though Yolanda wantedto meet her alone? Yolanda was a criminal after all.... EDIT ( ADDED BY SOMEONE ELSE )---- If your asking this because of the reference Yolanda had said thatSelena had cheated, and she had proof of it, she never showed theproof, and later on they were found to be false claims , SELENA DIDNOT CHEAT ON CHRIS, and Chris did not cheat on Selena, the two wereso madly in love i don't think they had ever even though about it,let alone looked at some one of the opposite sex =) ~Third person ~Is Noah Selena`s kid?And how old is Chris Perez now,its sad thatSelena died so young.And is Yolanda in jail yet? answer: No Selena never cheated on Chris if your referring to theYolanda murderer) always saying things like "Selena had a secretrelationship" there was never any prof of that so we can onlyassume that no she did not cheat on her husband(Chris), as saidabove. answer: No Noah is not Selena's kid he(Noah) is Chris's kid fromanother marriage. Anyways Noah is to young to have been born beforeSelena's death. Please, people stop asking so many dumm questions about Selena andChrist Perez. Do your homework first before you ask a question. "IsNoah Perez Selena's kid"? Selena passed away on 3/31/1995 longbefore Noah was even born are you that dum in Math that you can'tfigure the time frame out between her passing and Noah's age??

Did chris Perez love Selena?

If you watch any of the movies you can see that Selena amd Chrisloved each other with their whole heart. They was juast planning tohave a baby when she was murdered. __________ He loved her definitely. Some people don't think he did but he wasjust an introverted person and showed his love differently

Who was Selena Quintanilla-Perez?

In summary, Selena Quintanilla-Perez (April 16, 1971-March 31, 1995) was a Mexican-American singer. She was called the "Queen of Tejano" and was also referred to as the "Mexican Madonna" due to her wearing of bustiers during her concerts. Selena won a Grammy and several awards during her life. She was shot to death by her fan club president Yolanda Saldivar on March 31, 1995 at a Days Inn in Corpus Christi, TX after Selena had went to meet her to retrieve some missing financial records. Answer . She is an mexican-American singer who died because of fan club president Yolanda Saldivar!!!!!!!!!!

Does Chris Perez miss Selena?

he does not miss Selena he is married in has 3 children Correction: I think he does even til this day. This is from a interview awhile back. He already had his first child and he still continued to talk about Selena. But while he has made a break from Tejano, Perez's new music has a strong link to Selena. His guitar is etched with a white rose, the flower that has become a symbol of Selena. His band won its Grammy for "Resurrection," its first album. The initial single from the album was "Best I Can," a song that flowed from Perez's sense of loss. "I sat down and the song poured out from the emotion I was feeling," Perez has said, noting that it was one of those rare compositions that emerge fully formed. "I do believe, up in heaven, Selena is a fan of the Chris Perez Band." After Selena died, he had to find a way both to honor her and step out of her shadow. To do that, he needed the support and understanding of the people around him. "Our families understand. The guys in the band understand. That's part of the reason I'm playing the music that I play, because I think it would be harder for me to be up on that bandstand (playing Tejano) without her." His public profile as Selena's surviving husband is a heavy weight that a new musical direction helped to ease. "It's a constant struggle. 'Me the widower.' I'm way more than that." "I still have knick-knacks, you know, not really memorabilia, but things that remind me of (Selena). "Sometimes I'll be sitting, going through the CDs and see ones that were hers and think, 'I better play that, she really liked it a lot.' "She was a huge Bonnie Raitt fan. (She also liked) Garth Brooks and, of course, Janet Jackson. "I remember, one day we were sitting around talking about music and she told me her very favorite, favorite singer was a traditional singer from Spain, Rocio Durcal." They spoke of music in many ways. "She'd give me her input, every now and again. I miss that. There are times I feel lost writing a tune and when I'm not sure which way to go, I miss being able to talk to her, to ask her." http://www.caller2.com/Selena/special/remembering3.HTML Even in the People Espanol the March 2010 issue, he talks about that he still dreams about her at times and gets excited that kids ask his daughter about Selena.

What happened to Chris Perez after Selena died?

He remarried and had 2 kids (cassie & noah) with venessa villanueva-perez...they are now going through a nasty divorce and chris is a guatarist for a.b. Quintanilla (selena' s brother) band "kumbia kings all starz". Chris has said, "selena was the love of his life and she always be"!!!

Who did Chris Perez marry since the death of Selena Perez and what was the name of and how can I get a copy of the song he wrote for Selena right after her death?

The name of the song is "Best I Can"..here is the lyrics to it... Chris Perez Best I Can When I thought I had your heart To keep forever Now I live with how it is Nothing lasts never I'm never in a place for too much time I try to leave my troubles far behind Everything I did, I did for you Now there's nothing left for me to do I'm never gonna fall in love again The way I love you You know it's so dam hard letting go Standing here holding my heart in my hands Yes I am Trying to live every day the best I can, yeah You know it's so hard letting go . . . of you Every day's a brand new start Of a pain never ending I can't erase this lonely heart It keeps on remembering Every day I live, I live with you And with all the things we'll never do Heaven holds a place for souls like mine Trying to leave my troubled past behind You know it's so hard letting go Standing here holding my heart in my hands Yes I am Trying to live every day the best I can You know it's so hard letting go You know it's so hard letting go . . . of you Ne married Vanessa Villanueva

Where was chris Perez and Selena quintanilla married?

yes they ran away and got married . FIXED: . yes they got married in corpus cristi idt

What did Chris Perez do when Selena died?

I think that he miss her and tired to help her as much as he could ------ Chris went into deep depression and didnt leave his house for awhile after she died. But in the late 90's he was able to recoverand began playing in his own band

Is chris Perez still in love with Selena after all these years?

theres a quote i found on imdb where he talked about Selena and Vanessa "I still love Selena no matter who I'm married to. She was my first love but never my last, I just hope Selena is happy where she is."- Talking about Vanessa and Selena. and he wrote best i can in 1999 here is the lyrics Best I Can When I thought I had your heart to keep forever. Now I live with how it is Nothing lasts, never I'm never in a place with too much time Try to leave my troubles far behind Everything I did, I did for you Now there's nothing left for me to do I'm never gonna fall in love again The way I love you You know it's so damn hard letting go Standing here, holding my heart in my hands Yes, I am Trying to live every day the best I can You know it's so damn hard letting go...of you. he still loves her

Who was chris Perez selenas husband parents?

i don't really know because in the movie he only said that his parents wanted him ,Chris Perez be a doctor but he wanted to be a heavy metal guitarist.

Was Selena Quintanilla Perez cheating on Chris?

No Selena would never she loved Chris Perez!. But Yolanda's siblings were accusing Selena of cheating on Chris with Dr.Martinz

Is Amanda Perez Selena Perez sister?

think about it "Selena Perez" isn't Selena Perez she is Selena Quintanilla Perez, the Perez is only added because she is married to Chris Perez and Selena didn't want to change her name so she just made Perez her second name. so no Amanda Perez who ever that is, is not Selena's sister, Selena's only sister is Suzette Quintanilla . maybe Amanda Perez is some family member of Chris Perez(Selena's husband) ~by the way i really hope your talking about Selena Quintanilla Perez the american tejano/pop artist that passed away in march 31,1995

Is Amanda Perez related to Selena Perez?

no think about it "Selena Perez" isn't Selena Perez she is Selena Quintanilla Perez, the Perez is only added because she is married to Chris Perez and Selena didn't want to change her name so she just made Perez her second name. but no they have no actual contact with each other

Where does Chris Perez have his tattoo of Selena?

Chris does not have a tattoo of Selena. 1st Selena did not like tattoos. 2nd Chris only gets tattoos that represent him

Did chris Perez marry selenas best friend?

no,he married a women by the name of Vanessa Villanueva with whom he has two children. The couple separated in April 2008 and later divorced. Vanessa never got to meet Selena but i believe she was a fan.

Who did chris Perez marry ofter Selena Perez died?

Chris Perez married Venessa Villanueva and had two children, but got a divorce in April 2008

Who was Selena Quintanilla Perez influenced by?

many of her influences were bands like taste of honey, ACDC, Micheal Jackson , Farrah Fawcett , Donna summers she loved all kinds of music including rock, pop, R&B, country, etc. but her overall inspiration was her father as she said in an interview

What was Selena Perez Controversies?

here is the most i can think of: -she had a sex tape ~ proven not true -she had an affair ~proven not true -jlo's part in the movie ~was true, then people just accepted it and JLO became known -she and yolanda were lesbian lovers~ def. Not true, yolanda was and if Selena was she would have better taste. -her death was accidental ~ no one knows even if a jury says it was a murder, we would never know only Yolanda and Selena do. -She had lipsuction~ Unknown. she did alot of crazy dances however, she did have a mysterious line on her tummy in 1995. -Her 1994 concert at the astrodome and various concerts in 1994 was never recorded~ proven not true by youtube and fans.

Why did chris Perez go with Selena to meet yolanda the day Selena died?

Chris didn't go, he was asleep and Selena went by herself becauseYolanda told her to and told her that she had been raped. 2nd Post: He apparently went with her the other on one of the manyattempts by Yolanda to get Selena alone. It was the day before shewas killed - Chris drove her to see Yolanda to get bank statementsand waited by his truck. Yolanda purposely gave her the wrongstatements to try and get Selena alone AGAIN. Chris rejected theidea of going back that night, and Selena went by herself the nextmorning while Chris was in bed, which is when she was killed.

Where did Selena Quintanilla and Chris Perez get married?

Corpus cristi, Texas.. I may have spelled that wrong, but you get the point.. Lol.

How did Selena Perez contribute to the world?

She gave back to it, through her music and through her donation of her time and money. She always gave to the community. She would make appearances at local schools and tell them to stay off drugs and stay in school, then she'd perform a few songs.

Has chris Perez ever gotten over Selena?

No. In fact, he released a book in March 2012 titled "To Selena, With Love." He did remarry and had 2 children, but got a divorce in April 2008

How did Selena Perez contribute to society?

She brought joy to others with her lovely music, beautiful voice, flashy costumes and hot bod.

Does Chris Perez still Love Selena even though hes Remarried?

Yes. And he actually got a divorce in April 2008. On March 6, 2012, he released a book titled "To Selena, With Love" and the book contains more insight on how he joined the band, how Selena changed his life, how he fell in love with her, and their happy life until her untimely death

When is Selena Perez born?

Selena was born on April 16, 1971. She died 16 days before her 24th birthday, on March 31, 1995

What town did chris Perez and Selena quintanilla get married?

They married in the same city Selena lived in (Corpus Christi, Texas) on April 2, 1992

Why was Selena Perez famous?

For her constant chart-topping music and what even made her even more famous was that at the time of her death, which was 16 days before her 24th birthday, she was about to publicly release her English-language album which would have made her career crossover into the English-language singing market, which was her #1 dream since she was a kid.

What happend to Chris Perez after Selena dies?

He remarried and had 2 children with Vanessa Villanueva, but then got a divorce in April 2008. Chris is still considered a family member along Selena's family, for he still mourns his wife to this day. In fact, in March 2012, he released a book dedicated to Selena titled "To Selena, With Love"

Why was Selena quintanilla-Perez murdered?

Selena was murdered by Yolanda Saldavar Selena's fan club manger and it is said that Yolanda killed her because of jelousy and money Selena had found out that Yolanda had been taking money from when people sent money in for posters,and to become members or something like that. Anways Selena confronted Yolanda and Yolanda claimed she had nothing to do with it. Anyways Selena was a wonderful person even though i didnt know her well she seemed like a wonderful person and all of this is from what i heard but really Saldavar is the only person that really knows why she killed her we may never know.

Is amanda perez and selena perez sisters?

no they are 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT PEOPLE okay who ever said that^^ um no one asked if they were the same person, but anyways think about it "Selena Perez" isn't Selena Perez she is Selena Quintanilla Perez, the Perez is only added because she is married to Chris Perez and Selena didn't want to change her name so she just made Perez her second name. so no Amanda Perez who ever that is, is not Selena's sister, Selena's only sister is Suzette Quintanilla . maybe Amanda Perez is some family member of Chris Perez(Selena's husband)

Where is the picture of Selena on Chris Perez?

Nobody knows -improved answer: if you're asking about any wedding pictures, there aren't any pictures of them getting married because it was a secret marriage, they were planning to re-marry on their 3rd or 4th anniversary i believe but she died before that could happen. if your asking for pictures of them together then just go on Google and type" Selena Q and Chris Perez" should show up. :that's all i got you should restate the question because i really don't understand it.

Why was Selena Perez so loved?

she was an amazing singer who left an impact on many peoples' lives. having lived a life through april 16, 1971 to march 31, 1995 she was very much respected and adorded by her fans. in addition as to why she was so loved was because she could and never did reject to sighing an autograph.

Did Selena quintanilla and chris Perez live together when they married?

Yes. In fact, they lived in a house literally right next door to her parents' house, in which her siblings also lived

Did chris Perez married right after Selena die?

Yes, but got divorced in April 2008. He still mourns Selena and Selena's family still regards him as a member of the family

Was suzette quintanilla married to chris Perez Selena husband?

No,never would Suzette marry Chris Perez. She respected Selena & knew she her sister loved Chris very much & the live both of them shared for one another!

When did chris Perez and Selena quintanilla break up?

They didn't. Selena and Chris married on April 2, 1992 and on March 31, 1995, two days before their third year anniversary, Selena was betrayed, shot and killed by her "friend," Yolanda Saldivar, the president of Selena's fan club

Where is Selena quintailla Perez from?

she was born in Lake Jackson but she grew up for most her life in Corpus Chrsti, Texas.

How did chris Perez meet his ex wife and is he still in love with Selena?

Its unknown how he met his ex wife but he was with her for severalyears they had 2 children together. Yes Chris is still in love withSelena, Selena was the cause of his divorce. His ex wife statedthat she felt like she had to competit with Selena ghost in Chris'sheart. ------- Yes, Chris has said in numerous interviews how much he missesSelena, and that he's never loved anyone the same. He's alsoreleased a book and song dedicated to her - along with othermentions.

When it is Selena Perez anniversary?

the anniversary of her death is 3/31/95. if you're talking about her wedding anniversary with chirs then that's 4/2/92. Her bday was 4/16/71.

How did Selena meet Chris Perez?

Chris auditioned to be in Selena Y Los Dino's and they fell in loveafterwards. _____ 2nd Post: Chris joined the band sometime in 1989 which is when theywould have met. There's mixed stories about how exactly they becamea couple. From interviews of them both - Chris liked Selena and wasapproached by A.B. about going with it. Selena apparently didn'tlook at him romantically until she gradually built a friendshipwith him at which point she began flirting. There's claims on fansites that they confessed their love at a Pizza Hut (Selena'sfavorite food). Abraham soon kicked Chris out of the band. Heapparently went back home where Selena tracked him down and theyhad a private marriage without Abraham knowing. . The movie Selena implies that it was love at first sight but thatapparently was not the case..

What hospital was Selena Perez born in?

born April 16, 1971 to Abraham (II) and Marcella Quintanilla at Freeport Community Hospital, just outside their hometown of Lake Jackson