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What temperature does oxygen need to evaporate?

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How does evaporation affect the temperature of liquid?

Liquid does not need to be heated to evaporate. This should not be confused with boiling when heat is certinly required.  In a liquid, all the particles have a range of ener

How much energy is needed to evaporate 1g of water at room temperature?

1 Calorie per degree C. If room temp is 72 degrees C then 28  calories to get to boiling then the it takes 540 calories to water  from liquid to gas, called the heat of vapo

How does evaporation lower the temperature of a liquid?

It is the hot molecules that escape first. Remember that Temperature is the average velocity of the molecules. Some are fast, and some are slower. The faster ones are able
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At what temperature will a pond of water evaporate?

At any ambient temperature. Explaination for school kid Evaporation of water is different from concept of boiling. Air can uptake small amount of water and long as the air is

Why does water evaporate at room temperature?

water evaporates anywhere that has some sunlight. its not really true that it has to be really hot for water to eveaprate. Sunlight really doesn't have much to do with evap

What temperature does a liquid need to be at in order to evaporate?

Evaporation occurs at all temperatures, there is no set temperature for evaporation. The temperature would only affect the rate at which the liquid is evaporated - all other t