What term best describes a bee's role of gathering pollen and transferring it from plant to plant?

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How is pollen transferred in marijuana plants?

Pollen is transferred in marijuana plants by the female and male plants. The female plant flowers first and then the male plant matures. When the male flower opens it sprays

The transfering of pollen between plants is called?

the transfer of pollen grains is called pollination. I the transfer of pollen is from the anther to the stigma of the same plant it is known as self pollination, whereas if t

How can pollen be transfered from plant to plant?

fertilisation, a bee would start in its home and fly around for a bit then it will see a pretty flower, yay pretty flowers, and sneak up on it (BOO!) and crawl inside and gr

How does a plant transfer pollen from the anthers to the stigma?

Well first off some type of animal must transfer it to another flower. Such as a bee, a bee will fly to the flower for nectar (which is meant to lure animals into the flower)