What theorydid brown suggest to explain the nature of heat?

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Explain why air rises when its heated?

For the same reason that objects float in water. In general,objects that are less dense tend to float if placed in a more densemedium. Hot air is less dense than cold air, so

How do you explain why air rises as it is heated?

Substances that have internal movement(gas, liquid, and solids to a certain degree) will have convection currents. The concept is most easily understood in a gas. As gases are

In young goodman brown what does the setting suggest?

The village setting suggests all that he is familiar with; the day-to-day lives of the Puritans and all of their strict moral codes. The path and bridge suggest the journey an

Explain how temperature is different from heat?

Heat is the total energy of molecular motion in a substance; temperature is a measure of the average energy of molecular motion in a substance. Heat energy depends on the spee

Explain why a substance expands on heating?

When a substance is heated, the molecules absorb heat energy and begins to vibrate to and fro thereby slightly expanding the substance.

Explain how heat is conducted in solids?

Heat is conducted in solids by the speed of molecules or ionic crystals, or in the case of large molecules, the vibrations of parts of molecules. It can also be the excitement
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Explain heat transfer from evaporation?

It's complicated and hard to explain, but I'll try my best. Evaporation occurs when a liquid changes to a gas, but only on the surface of the liquid volume. The gas molecules

What does the nature of the hero's quest suggest?

There are many different answers that could be attributed to this question. My first reccommendation would be to read anything and everything by Joseph Campbell. The main titl