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What theorydid brown suggest to explain the nature of heat?

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How does heat make a marshmallow brown?

The "browning" that you see on a marshmallow is actually the caramelizing of the sugars that make up the marshmallow.

What did Artemis explain in nature?

She really didn't explain things in nature. She explained the human endeavor of hunting. She was the goddess of animals so you could say she explained animals. She and her twi

Explain heat transfer from evaporation?

It's complicated and hard to explain, but I'll try my best. Evaporation occurs when a liquid changes to a gas, but only on the surface of the liquid volume. The gas molecules
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What are things that are brown in nature?

well, there are trees, bark, branches, mud, dirt, anything in nature, really, can be brown. Leaves, dirty water... Hope this helps :D