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How do you use a webcam?

The first step is to get the necessary drivers and applications installed. Read the instructions that came with it. Usually this is only a matter of plugging the camera into y (MORE)

Usuage tips for using a webcam?

Make sure the webcam is placed on a sturdy surface in a well-lit  room. It is also important to check the microphone and video  settings to ensure higher quality feeds.

What is the webcam used for?

The web cam is used to take pictures, videos and many other things so you can make movies, connect with people over the Internet who could be even in another country, or go on (MORE)
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What can you use a webcam for?

I could use it for capturing a still image only once every 30 seconds, while others provide streaming video by capturing 30 images per second. Or I capture a series of digital (MORE)
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Who uses a webcam and why?

People use webcams to have video conversations over the internet.     I use a webcam and you can talk to another person on another computer with the webcam... it (MORE)