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How do you use the webcam in msn?

  If you have a webcam there should be a little webcam icon directly underneath your display picture, and you click that. When you click that, it should say "show my webca (MORE)

How do you use an EyeToy as a webcam?

  To use an EyeToy as a webcam, you need to download some custom drivers (which can be found in the Related Links) section below. Note that there are two different chipset (MORE)

How can you use a webcam?

you go to your search bar on your computer and type in " webcam" or " video web camra"
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Do you have to have a skype webcam to use skype?

No, you do not have to have a skype webcam to use skype. In fact, you don't have to have any webcam to use skype. You can make voice calls if you have a microphone, and you ca (MORE)

How do you use a webcam on Skype?

So, in a few steps I will explain how to use Skype webcam. Before continue with the tutorial make sure that you have working installed webcam. It should have some kind of soft (MORE)

How do you use a MacBook webcam?

The built in iSight camera can be used by applications such as Photo Booth for taking pictures and videos, iChat can use the camera for video chatting with friends and family, (MORE)