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What tools did slaves use?

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Use Slave in a sentence?

She didn't want her brother to become a slave. The slave worked all day in the stables. His brothers sold him into slavery.

What did slave owners use cotton for?

To make U.S. Dollars out of it mostly that is why they was welling to kill not only because they hated the people they made slaves but they love the power they had when they k

What where slaves used for?

They were used to do un-paid labor works (such as mining, farming; first sector jobs). Some of them were also involved in second sector jobs(Manufacturing). The works of the s

Who were the first civilization to use slaves?

The Spaniards were the first Europeans to use African slaves in the  New World on islands such as Cuba and Hispaniola, where the native  population starved themselves rather

What are some of the tools used by the roman slaves on a roman farm?

Forks used for winnowing (Isa 30:24; Jer 15:7), as in more recent times, were probably made of wood and had several curved prongs. The harrow the agricultural operation of h

Why did the slaves use the underground railroad?

To escape to Canada. They couldn't simply travel through the north because of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. Part of the Compromise of 1850, the act said that Northerners wer

What slaves were used for?

Slaves were used for many different things such as, picking cotton, dishes, crops, cleaning, or sex, there were many different uses. Pretty much they would do whatever you mad

What are some tools slave owners used to punish slaves?

The most common tool was "the whip". If a slave was considered "getting out of hand", the master whipped him/her, usually until he/ or sometimes she, saw blood. However, if a

What tools did field slaves use?

Slaves used different tools in the fields depending on what type  work they were doing. In fields of cotton, some were given hoes but  they mostly worked with their hands to

What ways slaves use their freedom?

  Thousands of African Americans took advantage of their new freedom by migrating to reunite with family members or to find jobs in Southern towns and cities.   They al

Why were slaves used?

because people were too lazy to do the work themselves!

How did the south justify their use of slaves?

The southern states justified their use of slavery in many ways. They claimed that White people were superior, and that God had created Blacks below Whites to be used as their

How Did slave owners support their use of slaves?

slave owners supported their use of slaves by saying they were good for the economy and because they were doing them a favor by letting them as slaves because they actually go