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What tools did slaves use?

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What are some tools slave owners used to punish slaves?

The most common tool was "the whip". If a slave was considered "getting out of hand", the master whipped him/her, usually until he/ or sometimes she, saw blood. However, if a

What tools did field slaves use?

Slaves used different tools in the fields depending on what type  work they were doing. In fields of cotton, some were given hoes but  they mostly worked with their hands to

What are some of the tools used by the roman slaves on a roman farm?

Forks used for winnowing (Isa 30:24; Jer 15:7), as in more recent times, were probably made of wood and had several curved prongs. The harrow the agricultural operation of h

In the US how did slaves become slaves?

Like many developing nations who engaged in slavery, US slaves were  originally captured in their home countries and brought to America  as slaves. Their children would then