What tourist things can you see on Oahu?

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What is Oahu?

The Island of Oahu is Hawaii all on one island and truly is the heart of Hawaii®. Oahu is home to Hawaii's State Capital, Honolulu, and often nicknamed "The Gathering Place

What are four things tourists come to see in Canada?

It would be best to generalize, as each Canadian province and city has its own offerings to culture, beauty, and awe-inspiring accomplishments. Many tourists come to visit cer

What do tourists go to see in Italy?

It depends on where in Italy you are. In Venice, it could be the canals and the Carhedral of St Mark. In Rome, the Colloseum and the catacombs. In Florence il Duomo of Berlusc

Will you be able to see the Leonid meteor shower in Oahu and at what time?

All meteor showers are best observed between midnight and dawn, local time. The Leonid shower occurs annually around November 16-17, but you can usually see some meteors a cou

Is Aruba or Oahu a better tourist destination?

Aruba and Oahu are equally fine choices as tourist destinations. Specifically, which one to choose depends upon reasons for the trip and upon timing. For example, Oahu is

What do tourists want to see in Virginia?

General- Crabtree Falls (Nelson County) Natural Bridge (Rockbridge County) Virginia Military Institute (V.M.I) Peaks of Otter (Blue Ridge Mountains) D-Day Memorial (Bedford)
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What is in Lafayette IN for tourists to do and see?

There are a few fun things to do in Lafayette, IN. First of all, there is a Zoo which is fun for the entire family, as well as an amusement park. Lafayette is also known for g
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Can you see Kauai from Oahu?

Yes you can. It has to be a very clear day. Kauai could be seen from Oahu Sunday September 25, 2011. I even took pictures of it.

What tourist attractions can you see in antarctica?

There are no commercial 'tourist attractions' in Antarctica. People visit Antarctica to experience the landscape, the light, the weather, and often if possible, to observe bre
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What are some things for a tourist to see in Boston?

Some great places to visit in Boston can involve both scientific or entertainment events. When it comes to science, the leading universities MIT, and Harvard are open to touri