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What training will a Hindu priest require?

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Why training is required?

Training is required to ensure that a job or task is completedproperly. Without it, people would not know how to properly dothings.

What do Hindu priests wear?

The Hindu priests do not traditionally wear shirts when they are  doing their services. The Hindu priests generally wear the orange  or white wrap around called a 'lungi' or

Can Hindu priests have children?

Yes. According to Hindu philosophy, a person should pass through 4 stages of life and this applies to Priests aswell. 1. childhood from birth 2. student at age 8 - learn o

What is the role of a Hindu priest?

The Hindu preist dresses the Murti (the statue of the God/Goddess) and gets the Mandir (Temple) and shrine ready for worship. He then performs the Arti ceremony, which is wher

What priest trained Samuel?

Samuel was a student of Eli

How do you address a seminarian or a priest in training?

A Seminarian is hardly ever referred to as 'Brother'. Only in cases where he is studying for religious life and has been given the Habit of his Order can you call him Brother.

How did Medieval priests train others to become priests?

A young man would first attend a Church school in order to gain the right education, particularly in the Latin language. He would then work his way up through the minor cleric
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Where do priests train?

Candidates for the Roman Catholic priesthood are trained in religious facilities known as 'seminaries', where they study three years of philosophy, followed by four years of t

What are the requirements for being Hindu?

To be accepted as a Hindu, one has to absolutely believe in Vedas to understand the nature of unknown (Self, Absolute, Brahman). Only vedas and nothing else can be used to und
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What do you call a Hindu Priest?

A Pandit, and their caste is Brahmin. Wrong - a pundit is any person who has knowledge of a particular subject regardless of caste. The word Pundit is so widely used in weste