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What training will a Hindu priest require?

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What do you call a Hindu Priest?

A Pandit, and their caste is Brahmin. Wrong - a pundit is any person who has knowledge of a particular subject regardless of caste. The word Pundit is so widely used in weste

Where do priests train?

Candidates for the Roman Catholic priesthood are trained in religious facilities known as 'seminaries', where they study three years of philosophy, followed by four years of t

What do Hindu priests do?

They are in charge of taking care of the daily rituals of a temple.   Some of the rituals are:    1. Reciting prayers    2. Performing pooja/yaaga    3. Make of

What is the role of a Hindu priest?

The Hindu preist dresses the Murti (the statue of the God/Goddess) and gets the Mandir (Temple) and shrine ready for worship. He then performs the Arti ceremony, which is wher

What does a Hindu priest wear?

  The dress of the priest may vary from region to region. In the north, mostly it is Dhoti and kurta. In the south they might wear, dhoti without shirt. Instead they might

What do Hindu priests wear?

The Hindu priests do not traditionally wear shirts when they are  doing their services. The Hindu priests generally wear the orange  or white wrap around called a 'lungi' or

Do Hindus have priests?

They do have have priest but not in the traditional sense, because they use cows as there teachers and forgivers (priest)

Who trained a priest?

Priests receive their training in a seminary where they are taught (mostly) by other priests. In my minor seminary there was a Jewish woman who taught us Latin, and in my majo
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Can Hindu priests have children?

Yes. According to Hindu philosophy, a person should pass through 4 stages of life and this applies to Priests aswell. 1. childhood from birth 2. student at age 8 - learn o

What question can you ask a Hindu priest?

There was a blackbird knocking on my window on Wednesday at about 11.00am really hard the blackbird woke me, my son and my daughter. i thought the blackbird was in the house.