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What two reasons did Andrew Jackson have for being against having a National bank?

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How did Andrew Jackson kill the National Bank?

Jackson killed it by campaigning against the renewal of its charter and when that effort succeeded, he sped its death by ordering federal funds to be withdrawn from it.  

Andrew Jackson critized the banks for what reasons?

  He criticized the banks because of many reasons the following are just a few-   - he believed it was unconstitutional   - he believed it concentrated an excessive

How did Andrew Jackson feel about the national bank?

Jackson made abolishing the Second National Bank of the United States (SBUS) a major re-election issue. The ideological justifications for destroying the bank are listed below

Why did Andrew Jackson not like the National Bank?

Andrew Jackson did not like the National Bank because the bankers  would not let poor people borrow money, but they would let wealthy  people. (Andrew Jackson was poor.) 

Why did Andrew Jackson oppose having a National Bank?

President Andrew Jackson opposed the Second Bank of the UnitedStates because he believed that it held too much power withoutaccountability and undermined the rights of states.

What did Andrew Jackson do to the National Bank?

In Jackson's own words: "The Bank, Mr. Van Buren, is trying to kill me, but I will kill it!" And kill it he did. In 1832, the Bank had to be re-chartered, and because Jackson'

Did Andrew Jackson want the national bank?

No. Andrew Jackson destroyed it by ordering withdrawal of all US funds from the bank. The problem with the Second Bank of the United States (SBUS) basically stemmed from the

What did Andrew Jackson do to distory the national bank?

Jackson decided to destroy the bank by transferring about $10 million in government deposits to state banks. Without this money the national bank struggled to survive. Before

Why did Andrew Jackson killed nation bank?

As it was constituted in Jackson's day, the National Bank held undue influence over members of Congress; it concentrated America's finances in the hands of a few influential p