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What two reasons did Andrew Jackson have for being against having a National bank?

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Why did Andrew Jackson oppose the national bank?

President Andrew Jackson opposed the Second Bank of the United  States because he believed that it held too much power without  accountability and undermined the rights of s

Who ran against Andrew Jackson?

Jackson was a candidate for president three times. The first time in 1824 there was no national campaign and the other regional candidates were William Crawford, Henry Clay

What did andrew jackson do to the second national bank?

Andrew Jackson fought to destroy the second national bank, and  eventually succeeded.

Why did Jackson veto the national bank?

because it only help the rich get richer. (wouldnt let the poor get loans)

Why did Andrew Jackson want to get rid of the national bank?

Jackson believed with quite a bit of evidence that the bank, which in those days could make loans, was acting as a political agency, loaning money to people who shared its pol

Why did Jackson fight the national bank?

Jackson claimed that the bank protected wealthy elites rather than the common man. In fact, the leadership of the bank (ex. Nicholas Biddle) was extremely corrupt, and powerfu

How was the bank unconstitutional to Andrew Jackson?

Andrew Jackson thought that the bank was unconstitutional because he believed that only states not federal government had the right to charter banks

When was Andrew Jackson a national hero?

during the war of 1812 in the battle of new Orleans. this battle occurred after the treaty of ghent was signed (officially ending the war) however news of the treaty didnt rea

What did Andrew Jackson do to the National Bank?

In Jackson's own words: "The Bank, Mr. Van Buren, is trying to kill me, but I will kill it!" And kill it he did. In 1832, the Bank had to be re-chartered, and because Jackson'

What did Andrew Jackson do to distory the national bank?

Jackson decided to destroy the bank by transferring about $10 million in government deposits to state banks. Without this money the national bank struggled to survive. Before

Why did Andrew Jackson killed nation bank?

As it was constituted in Jackson's day, the National Bank held undue influence over members of Congress; it concentrated America's finances in the hands of a few influential p