What type of climate and environment does a green sea turtle have?

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How do sea turtles adapt to their environment?

A sea turtle adapts by eating kelp and fish. A sea turtle is a truly amazing reptile with many different adaptations. One of its adaptations is its hard shell. The shell prot

Is the green turtle a sea turtle?

yes it is called the green sea turtle There is a species known as the green sea turtle, latin name Chelonia mydas. They are the slowest growing of the sea turtle species due

What is the climate where sea turtles live?

They mostly live in warm places, but if you buy one and its in a tank the temperature shouldn't be so warm or to cold. Some where near 80 and no higher than 89. I hope i gave

Why is a green sea turtle green?

A green sea turtle is called a green sea turtle because it is a herbivore that eats green plants. These green plants contain chlorophyll, the chemical that makes the plant g

Which type of environment does a loggerhead sea turtle live in?

its lives in Australia and its hot there so............ its going to be hot and they live in the water it wont be hot there so... there your answer find out more on the web si