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What type of friction do you use when you leave marks on paper with pencil lead?

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What do we use for lead in pencils?

It is called "lead" because the original pencils were made from  soft lead. However lead is a toxic heavy metal.   Modern pencil "lead" is made of graphite and a binder.

If you scan a piece of paper will there be pencil marks on the scanned paper?

  Yes, a scanner is like a copy machine. If it is on the paper, it will be copied into the digital image. You may use photo editing software to remove any marks or flaws t

Do pencils still use lead?

Pencils never actually used lead. When Pencils were created after a tree was knocked down during a storm it revealed a large mass of black substance thought to be lead. When t

Do mechanical pencils use lead?

Yes. All pencils use lead - not the element, but a graphite and clay mixture molded into a long narrow strip.

Why must you use a pencil and not ink to mark the chromatography paper?

a chromotagraphy is intended to split up a mixture of compounds into its subparts. if you use a pen, the ink will also be separated. that is why you use a pencil instead. Grap

How long is the lifespan of pencil mark on paper?

The answer depends on a variety of variables, but the simplest is that barring further action on the pencil mark (rubbing, wear, etc), it will last as long as the paper.

What elements are used as lead in pencils?

The lead in pencils is made of the element carbon, in the form of graphite. Graphite powder is mixed with clay and wax. The more graphite the pencil contains, the softer the l

Why does a pencil leave a mark on paper?

When a pencil is rubbed on paper fiction causes a small amount of the graphite from the core of the pencil to be left on the paper. This leaves a visible mark.

What is used to make pencil lead?

Even though it is called lead that is in the pencil, there is no actual lead in the pencil whatsoever. In fact it is made of a mixture of graphite and clay that is baked hard

When did they stop using lead in pencils?

Pencils were never made with lead, they have always been made with graphite. When pencils were first made it was beleived that graphite was a type of lead, but science has now