What type of grass grows in Virginia?

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How do you kill grass growing in myrtle?

Mulch is a way to eliminate grass growing inMyrtle-planted areas. Specifically, myrtle ( Myrtus communis ) grows to a matureheight and width of 9.8 feet/3 meters each way. Like other shrubsand trees, it is best off with nothing planted underneath it to thedrip line (the furthest that a branch exte (MORE)

Why does grass grow?

Because Jehovah made it that way. no because its pretty, lovley, and a mane point in nature. so things can eat it

How does grass grow?

Grasses grow from the groundlevel up. Roots supply nutrients, and leaves supply ability to collect energy, carbon dioxide and water from the environment. Grasses have a tiny stem from which the leaves emerge, and a low growth-point called an apical meristem. This apical meristem or growth point is w (MORE)

What types of crops grow in Virginia?

The types of crops that grow in Virginia are soybeans, corn, wheat,apples, peaches, grapes, strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes, andpeanuts. Virginia was mainly known for Tobacco. And cotton.

What are the types of grasses?

I have a book by Ortho for home gardeners, and it has a section on lawns. So I went to Ortho's website and sure enough I found a page about types of grasses:. http://lawncare.ortho.com/index.cfm/event/Article.detail/documentType/basic/category/%2FCategories%2FLawn+Care+Activities/documentId/2e3bb93 (MORE)

What is the best type of grass to grow?

Depends on your area and what you're using the grass for: lawn, hay, or pasture? This question cannot be answered without knowing what the grass in question is being used for.

When to plant grass in Virginia?

If your planting grass seed its best to plant it in the fall in September. that way the grass seed doesn't ocmpete with any weeds.. If your planting sod do it early spring or in fall.

Does grass grow in the shade?

Some types tolerate shade better than others. Fescue does well in shade. Go to your local garden center for help.

How does hay help grass grow?

Covering over newly seeded areas with hay protects the seeds from too much dying out, too much wind and helps keep the ground moist longer. It also tends to keep the birds away from eating the seed. Too much direct sun can burn the seeds and/or bake the soil into hardrock before they sprout. What se (MORE)

Where does grass grow?

"Grass" is a generic term used to describe a whole range of plants. Normally these are monocotyledonous, creeper-type plants that use stolons or underground stems to reproduce. "Grasses" are extremely versatile and are found growing in almost every corner of the globe. Examples of grasses include: (MORE)

How do you stop mushroom from growing in your grass?

In most cases, mushrooms are not harmful to an area. Few mushroomscontribute to lawn diseases. However, many people feel thatmushrooms are unattractive. Therefore, they look for a way to killthe fungus. The actual mushroom is simply the fruit of a fungi.Killing the mushroom does not remove--or kill- (MORE)

Does grass grow in coke?

No it will most likely die since coke is stong enough to clean a toilet is will probably die sooner or later

What type of crops grow in Virginia?

The most popular crop in VA is hay, for animal feed. Tobacco is still a popular crop, although declining. Virginia also grows wheat, barley, rye, oats, and corn. There are many vineyards and fruit orchards, and growers of fresh vegetables- asparagus, tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, etc.

What did Virginia grow?

In Colonial Virginia, THE big crop was tobacco- although indigo (for dyes) was also grown- along with corn, wheat, oats, barley, etc.

What type of grass grows best in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, the most common type of grass used is Bermuda. It dies in the winter and turns a dull brownish color, but in the summer, if watered properly and fertilized, it makes a beautiful green landscape. It is also useful in North Carolina because of the frequent droughts, because watering (MORE)

Can you grow grass from grass clippings?

With the exception Bermuda grDuring the spring and summer months,grass clippings can occupy up to 50 percent of a yard's totalcuttings. Most homeowners quickly realize that their bin orcomposting system can not handle the entire lawn. The followinginformation will help you better understand how to r (MORE)

Why does grass not grow in the desert?

Your average lawn grass cannot grow in the desert because it would simply starve of dehydration. Many grasses that are unable to establish deep root systems quickly during the short rainy season will perish; those that are able to establish a deep root system, are often of the more coarser, hardy va (MORE)

Does grass grow back on accf?

Yes but it takes alot of time, you need to walk instead of run... and plant lots of trees and flowers! hope this helps!

Does grass grow in jungles?

Grass usually needs a lot of sunlight, therefor it is not extremely common in tropical rainforests. Small amounts of long grasses may grow along bodies of water in a rainforest. Also, there are natural clearing in all jungles, and grasses thrive here. Bamboo is quite common in jungles worlwide, and (MORE)

Does grass grow in a desert?

Yes, there are a number of species of grass that grow in deserts around the world. Grasses are, perhaps, one of the most common forms of desert vegetation.

How do grasses grow in sea water?

They grow at depths that allow them enough light to photosynthesize. They use sunlight and dissolved carbon dioxide and release oxygen the way land plants do, using this same process. To grow, develop, and propagate, they use the other nutrients and chemicals made available by currents and the detri (MORE)

What grass seed grows weeds?

No grass seed grows weeds, grass grows grass. The weeds that are popping up have most likely been there in seed form before you broadcasted grass seed on your lawn.

Can you grow grass with water?

We'll according to my research you can grow grass with water, it is the same thing with plants, plants use water to grow like grass. A you think, you probably know that you think that this is wrong, but truly it isn't. water is a great energy source that gives creatures, and living things energy.

Why grasses grow after grazing?

A grass plant's ultimate goal is to grow up, put up aninflorescence, have it pollinated, then as it dies, allows thoseseeds to be spread by wind or animal life. Daughter tillers lie inwait for the next perfect set of growing conditions to grow again,either later in the year, or same time next year. (MORE)

Why does grass grow faster in summer?

Well, that's a simple question with a complicated answer. Plants require a number of "inputs" in order to grow. Most importantly, Carbon dioxide (CO2), light and water. They also require an appropriate temperature (this temperature ranges and varies depending on the plant) in order to metabolize (MORE)

Is sudan-grass a type of grass?

Yes it is. It's a warm-season grass (or a C4 grass) that is best grown in warmer climates, and is commonly used in the South as a pasture/hay grass for livestock.

When does grass stop growing?

it depends. Warm season grasses--bermuda grass as an example goes dormant and stops growing in the winter months. while cool season grasses (kentucky blue grass/rye/fescue) go dormant and stop growing in the summer months. Growth may slow at other times of the year, but it does not actually stop unl (MORE)

Does grass growing on the sidewalk bad?

Yes. Grass growing on the sidewalk is bad because it is more than likely weeds, clovers, or ivy. Take care of it right away before it grows so much that it covers the entire sidewalk, your house, and eventually it will spread to cover the entire world!!! :>

How long does elephant grass grow?

Young polar bears need your help, if we don't then the whole world will collapse. Btw, elephants don't grow grass. They're frikkin elephants. Btw, fun fact from the Hockey Tournament today (Go Eagles! I know Leyla and I were beautiful commentators!), elephants are the only mammal with four knees. (Y (MORE)

Can grass grow in water?

yes there are some plants like seaweed, moss, algae, and even rice that are categorized as grasses that grow very well in water.

What types of grass grow in the amazon rain forest?

I am biologist from brazil. In my studies i concered that is several specific common types of grass. There is sweet grass, grassipotimus ( Herbiculous matucilo ) and just common grass ( Grassitopia Potato ) and tall grass where what people have told me wild pikachu's live.

How do you grow grass in bare area?

You could lay sod, but make sure it is wet sod. The sod dries up easily if its roots are not wet. You could also try seed grass there is no guarantee that it will grow but make sure you keep it watered. I would recommend sod it is easy and make i look real, nice and green

How can you grow grass in minecraft?

Any patch of dirt with no opaque block above it (so only air, leaves etc) will grow grass after a while. If any block is covering it, blocking out the sun, then the block will remain dirt.