What type of grass grows in the forest?

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How do you grow grass in the summer?

rye seed or sod . plant rye, cover lightly with compost or peatmosss, water daily in the morning. the key is water. or just put down sod and water it fequently.

Why is there little or no grass in the forest?

1. The dense tree cover in a forest shades the ground so that grass cannot get enough light to grow. . 2. Large established trees compete very well with small grasses for available nutrients and moisture in the soil. In an open space, grass has the advantage, because it grows quickly when there is (MORE)

How do you grow Korean grass?

Korean grass (Zoysia tenuifolia) is a lovely, hardy compact grass that grows in mounds. It is possible to grow them as flat turf, however will then require regular care to reroll down the sod and mow frequently. Left alone, it is perhaps the most decorative of the three common types of Zoysia found (MORE)

Why does grass grow?

Because Jehovah made it that way. no because its pretty, lovley, and a mane point in nature. so things can eat it

How does grass grow?

Grasses grow from the groundlevel up. Roots supply nutrients, and leaves supply ability to collect energy, carbon dioxide and water from the environment. Grasses have a tiny stem from which the leaves emerge, and a low growth-point called an apical meristem. This apical meristem or growth point is w (MORE)

What are the types of grasses?

I have a book by Ortho for home gardeners, and it has a section on lawns. So I went to Ortho's website and sure enough I found a page about types of grasses:. http://lawncare.ortho.com/index.cfm/event/Article.detail/documentType/basic/category/%2FCategories%2FLawn+Care+Activities/documentId/2e3bb93 (MORE)

What is the best type of grass to grow?

Depends on your area and what you're using the grass for: lawn, hay, or pasture? This question cannot be answered without knowing what the grass in question is being used for.

What makes grass grow?

The sun and water gives the grass nutrient so the grass drinks it.Also, soil will also give the grass nutrients.If u dont have any of these materials then the grass wuold automaticlally die.

Where does grass grow?

"Grass" is a generic term used to describe a whole range of plants. Normally these are monocotyledonous, creeper-type plants that use stolons or underground stems to reproduce. "Grasses" are extremely versatile and are found growing in almost every corner of the globe. Examples of grasses include: (MORE)

Does sand help grass grow?

Sand will not in itself help grass to grow but as an additive to the soil it will help with soil drainage issues if you have a clay or compacted kind of soil. It would be necessary to till the soil in order to add the sand....a daunting job at least. I would recommend that you take a sample of you (MORE)

What type of trees grow in the Black Forest in Germany?

After the glaciers receded, the Black Forest region of SouthwestGermany was reportedly dominated by Beech, an aggressive quickgrowing tree, stopped only by the impending mountain elevation. Over time, the local Germanic tribes cleared much of the Beech foruse, then, along with the French, Dutch, and (MORE)

What type of grass grows best in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, the most common type of grass used is Bermuda. It dies in the winter and turns a dull brownish color, but in the summer, if watered properly and fertilized, it makes a beautiful green landscape. It is also useful in North Carolina because of the frequent droughts, because watering (MORE)

Can you grow grass from grass clippings?

With the exception Bermuda grDuring the spring and summer months,grass clippings can occupy up to 50 percent of a yard's totalcuttings. Most homeowners quickly realize that their bin orcomposting system can not handle the entire lawn. The followinginformation will help you better understand how to r (MORE)

What type of trees grow in the alpine forests in New Zealand?

The main alpine forest in New Zealand is the beech forest. This is mainly mountain beech ( Nothofagus solandri var. cliffitoides ), but also includes black, red and silver beech ( Nothofagus solandri, fusca, and menziesii). Other alpine trees include mountain cedar (kaikawaka) and mountain to (MORE)

What type of forest grow in Hawaii?

The type of forest that grows in Hawaii I a tropical moistbroadleaf forest. Coastal Mesic forest are at elevations from sealevel to 980 feet. Mixed Mesic forests are at elevation of 2460 to4100 feet.

Why does grass grow on wet bricks?

Grass will grow on damp bricks because small particles of soil are embedded in them from the wind. As more tiny particles attach the conditions for supporting plant life increases.

How much soil to grow grass?

As much as you already have for your lawn. But you should have at least 10 inches of soil depth for good growth.

Can any type of fruit tree grow in a forest?

No, they cannot. Trees have specific niches that they prefer to grow in. Most fruit trees are fairly short and don't reach high heights. Most forests have very tall trees in them, that would tend to overshadow them and cause the fruit trees to die out.

Can grass grow on cement?

No, in order for grass to grow properly, it needs dirt/soil for it's roots to dig into the dirt, if you sprinkle grass seed on cement (putting dirt on the cement first), it may grow but pure ground works the best.

What types of plants grow in the deciduous forests?

well... just learned about biomes and i think i can help. i think deciduous trees OF COURSE would go there and :/ hemmer. im a sorry but that is the only one i could think of :( my apologizes XD and i am only in 6th grade sorry

Why do mushrooms keep growing in your grass?

Mushrooms grow on dead matter - so you could have anything under the ground from a rotting tree root to thick thatch in your lawn. There are no products to control mushrooms. If the mushrooms are growing in a straight line that leads to a tree...well that means the roots are rotting and your favor (MORE)

Can Bermuda grass grow in Colorado?

Not really, no. It would only grow as an annual in Colorado, not a perennial. Bermuda is a C4 grass, and you need C3 grasses to grow as perennials in that state.

Why does grass grow in Cornwall?

Because there is a lot of rainfall, and it is quite hilly, which means farmers don't want to grow crops there because they can't get the machines up there so this means there is space for grass to grow. Also it is a lot warmer than other parts or areas of the UK. This is just a simple answer so don (MORE)

What do you need to do and have to grow green grass?

Hydration is essential in keeping your lawn healthy and green. Providing ample water will encourage growth and keep grass green and lush. It is best to provide slow, soaking watering rather than fast, hard watering that will only wash away the top soil instead of soaking into the root beds. Use a sp (MORE)

Will grass grow in gravel?

Yes, if the soil under the gravel is nice and moist with minerals and naturally soil food for the grass....unless you put de-weeder or weed killer on the gravel

Is sudan-grass a type of grass?

Yes it is. It's a warm-season grass (or a C4 grass) that is best grown in warmer climates, and is commonly used in the South as a pasture/hay grass for livestock.

How many months does grass grow?

Most grass seed companies guarantee that you see grass buds within 2-7 days. And with proper maintenance, your grass can be healthy and green for years.

Can grass grow really long?

How long grass can grow depends on the type of grass and the environment. Obviously if the grass is growing in a harsh environment, it will have a hard time growing at all, let alone growing long. Some types of grass hug the ground and never stick up very high - prefering to spread out rather than g (MORE)

Can grass grow in Antarctica?

Deschampsia antarctica and Colobanthus quitensis are the only types of grass that is native to antarctica and grows(in a very limited areas!). Normal grass cannot grow in Antarctica.

What types of grass grow in the amazon rain forest?

I am biologist from brazil. In my studies i concered that is several specific common types of grass. There is sweet grass, grassipotimus ( Herbiculous matucilo ) and just common grass ( Grassitopia Potato ) and tall grass where what people have told me wild pikachu's live.

Can grass grow on mars?

No. There are several reasons for this. . Mars is too cold to support any sort of plant life. . There is no magnetic field to protect against solarradiation. . Most nutrients are absent from the soil.