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What type of mutation happens when the thymine base is removed?

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Adenine and thymine mutation in sickle cell?

yes. thymine replaces adenine in the dna that codes for the  amino acid on the 6th position of the beta globin chain resulting  in an amino acid change of glutamic acid to v

What type of mutation occurs when a base is added in?

This is called an insertion mutation. Some repeats, such as the repeats in the Huntington's gene, can be repeated too many times and then you have the deleterious mutation in

In DNA thymine base pairs with?

  Short answer: Adenine   More information: In the model of DNA that was discovered by Rosalind Franklin, James Watson and Francis Crick in 1953 proposed that DNA was a

Which RNA base bonded with thymine?

thymine does not exist on mRNA or tRNA strands, it is replaced by a base called uracil. however, a thymine on a DNA strand being replicated in protein synthesis will bond with

A nitrogen base that pairs with thymine?

Adenine.   Adenine is a purine. Purines are six-membered rings attached to five membered rings. When Adenine is attached to DNA, it forms a bond with another molecule calle