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What type of primer to use with latex paint?

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Can you use Latex primer on previously oil painted trim and then paint with Alklyd paint?

Although many people believe that you cannot do this you could. Primers are made to adhere to almost any surface, including oil over latex or vice versa. However, why do you n

Can you use alkyd primer over latex paint?

Yes, the water borne latex paint manufactured today can be covered successfully with nearly any finish imaginable, including an alkyd primer. However, if possible I would exch

Can you use flat latex paint as a primer?

  Depends on for what purpose you are prepping the surface. If you are considering installing a repositionable, removable and reusable wallcovering now or in the future, e

If you use a oil base primer can you use latex paint?

Yes. All new lumber we install is primed with an oil primer and finished with two coats of Latex. Oil primer wants to work into the wood, so it should only be used on new or a