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What type of technology did they use Russia in the 9th century?

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What type of fuel does Russia use?

Russia uses a fuel called Fossil Fuel. It pollutes a lot. Russia has something called a Tidal Power Plant. It is expensive to build, but after it's built, you can use almost a

Which types of technology used in aakash tablet?

   Specifications  Aakash   /        /   Central processor unit speed  ARM11, 366 MHz   /   Random-access memory  256 MB   /

What are three types of government that Russia has gone through in the past century?

During the past century, Russia had gone from (1) an old and absolute monarchy to (2) a short-lived provisional government to (3) a communist dictatorship and then finally to

What type of technology does UPS workers use?

One innovative way that the United Parcel Service uses technology is through a Delivery Information Acquisition Device or DIAD. The device began being used in trucks nation-wi

What type of technology does Australia use?

Australia uses the same type of technology used by the rest of the world. In fact Australians invented a good deal of it like databases, Wireless networks, Combine harvesters,

Types of technology used in a cafe?

Some technology in a Cafe include:automatic opening doorssoda machinesWi-Fi access(great perk for people to access the internet on their devices while they're eating)TVsgrills

What types of technology are used in astronomy?

Computers are probably the biggest. Optical telescopes are 19th century technology, and radio telescopes were pretty well developed by the 1960's. Computers and electronic com

What type of technology does the Bahamas use?

The Bahamians use cars, boats, bicycles, buses, ferry boats, and they walk for transportation. The most common public transportation are buses and ferry boats. Most households

What types of technologies are used in a bank?

In Business Management, the use of video chatting is for interacting throughout the company to check on progress even if they are located in different states. They also you us

What type of technology do use in an orgainsation?

Broad question, but in essence there are a vast array of of technologies and both processes and methodologies that manage the implementation and results produced by organizati