What type of wave is demurred by radioactive atoms?

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Types of radioactivity?

There were 3 types of radioactivities: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Alpha: Made from 2 protons and 2 neutrons Charge: +2 Mass: 4 Speed: 1/10 the speed of light Ionising power/

What is a radioactive atoms?

A radioactive atom is an atom that has an unstable nuclear force, and therefore either absorbs or emits a radioactive particle.

Which atoms are radioactive?

The atoms that are radioactive are those with unstable nuclei. There is no easy way to tell which is which, so the isotope has to be looked up. All elements have at least so
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What type is radioactive?

Positron Decay of Carbon-11 to Boron-11. Adapted from Types of Radioactivity . The final type of beta decay is known as electron capture and also occurs when ...