What universal remote will work with a Linytron Sharp TV including the menu functions or can it be done through the TV without the remote and no menu button on the TV?

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How do you tune a Symphonic TV with a remote if there is no menu button?

Try the link and see if your units owner's manual is listed. Link to it and read the instructions to get the scoop.. Note: If you do not have the original remote and are atte

Will a zenith TV with no remote work with universal remote?

Well the same thing happend to me cause well the remote "flew" out of my hand so i bought a GE universal remote, it works terribly, u have to hold down a button for three seco

How do you program a television remote to a tv?

Most remotecontrols come with codes for TVs, DVDs and cable boxes. You canalso check the remote control manufactures web page. I find it isbetter to just buy a universal remot

Is there a universal remote for a Trutech TV?

Universal remotes are designed to work on every television. Inorder to get it to work for your Truetech television, you need tosearch the code book that corresponds to your t.

How do you set the menu on a TV VCR combo without the remote?

I don't know... Who do you think I am? Dexter of Dexter's labutory? Kidding yeah... Sometimes you can't. Check the instruction manual or if you haven't got it type the make an

How do you program a dish network remote to work with a sharp tv?

Here are the codes to try for your Sharp TV: 741, 739, 628, 740, 526, or 608. Here is the instructions on how to program the remote to your TV. Address Remote to TV . Wh