What universal remote will work with a Linytron Sharp TV including the menu functions or can it be done through the TV without the remote and no menu button on the TV?

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On a Sharp Linytron television without a remote is there any way to change the setting from air to cable?

Answer . On my Sharp Linytron TV, there is Setup button on the front of the TV, click it. It will display a menu and one of the options is Air/Cable or Antennae/Cable. Click the Setup button until that menu option is selected. Click the down volume button to select it and enter the Air/Cable opti (MORE)

How does a TV remote work?

The TV remote works by you pressing the buttons you want the TV to do; When the button is pressed it hits the circuit board, the chip can sense the connection in the circuit board, each button has a different code because of the different connections in the circuit board. It then translates the butt (MORE)

How do you program a sharp tv with a RCA remote?

Without knowing the remote model number, I would do this: To do a brand code search for Sharp: Manually turn on the TV. Hold down the "TV" button on the remote....while holding it down also hold down the On/Off button on the remote for 3 seconds. Release both buttons. Press the number 6. The TV ligh (MORE)

Will a tv remote work through frosted glass?

Not normally. The remote is transmitting an infrared beam to the television, so it needs a direct line of sight in order to work properly. Beaming through a frosted piece of glass is going to diffuse that beam in any number of directions.

Through what types of glass will a TV remote work?

ANSWER . As long as it's clear glass or plastic, is not very thick and is not very far away from the TV, like a window in a serving hatch through a wall that is near to the TV, the infrared beam should get through to control the TV. If its infrared beam has to get through a glass or plastic barr (MORE)

Where is the TV remote?

\n. \nCheck your couch cushions.\n. \n. \nHopefully it's in the last place you look, 'cause if it isn't, you would be pretty foolish.

How do you tune a Symphonic TV with a remote if there is no menu button?

Try the link and see if your units owner's manual is listed. Link to it and read the instructions to get the scoop.. Note: If you do not have the original remote and are attempting to program a universal replacement to work on your Symphonic set, you may be unsuccessful. Symphonic has a number of s (MORE)

Will a zenith TV with no remote work with universal remote?

Well the same thing happend to me cause well the remote "flew" out of my hand so i bought a GE universal remote, it works terribly, u have to hold down a button for three seconds to turn one channel and to turn the tv on and off...it may be the remote but im gonna try again....so hopefully this help (MORE)

How do you program a television remote to a tv?

Most remotecontrols come with codes for TVs, DVDs and cable boxes. You canalso check the remote control manufactures web page. I find it isbetter to just buy a universal remote control, that way I canprogram multiple devices on one remote control.

What is the Universal remote codes for apex tv?

It depends on the brand of remote you are using. You will need to check your users manual. If there is no code for your paticular brand most brands have codes for others. Alternatively if your remote has it you could use the Auto search feature.

Can TV be reason remote not working?

The television may be at fault. Try using a known good remote. If it doesn't work and you are not blocking the signal with items sitting in front of the TV and the sensor panel is clean then that is what you tell them at the shop.

How does a TV remote turn a TV on?

Remote controls use infra-red light to transmit signals to the television. Electronic components in the hand control convert the button pushes into a stream of pulses that are fed to an infra-red LED. The pulses are received by a sensor in the television and decoded into an instruction. If the tel (MORE)

Is there a universal remote for a Trutech TV?

Universal remotes are designed to work on every television. Inorder to get it to work for your Truetech television, you need tosearch the code book that corresponds to your t. v.

How do you connect a TV remote to a TV?

First find the manufacture or brand of your remote, then go online and find the manufacture and request owners manual for your remote. Second just do a search on yahoo, or Answer.com. Enter a question like this. How do i program a (all in one) remote? You should turn u plenty of answers. All in One (MORE)

Codes for Newstar universal tv remote?

There are hundreds of codes for the Newstar universal TV remote.The codes for the Alleron television is 051. The codes for Audiovoxis 053. The codes for Bradford is 053. There are many websites thatoffer these codes.

How do you set the menu on a TV VCR combo without the remote?

I don't know... Who do you think I am? Dexter of Dexter's labutory? Kidding yeah... Sometimes you can't. Check the instruction manual or if you haven't got it type the make and model of you vcr into Google for more info on button functions. There are also often specialist forums where you can ask qu (MORE)

How does remote control in TV work?

In earlier days, remote controls wre based on ultrasonics (sound frequency above the audible range of frequencies). The controlling circuitry included a hand held transmitter 9that transmits ultrasound) and a TV-based receiver circuit. Electronic filter and stepper motors were used to allow/select c (MORE)

How a TV remote connects to the TV?

Pushing a button on a remote control sets in motion a series of events that causes the controlled device to carry out a command. The process works something like this: . You push the "volume up" button on your remote control, causing it to touch the contact beneath it and complete the "volume u (MORE)

How do you program a dish network remote to work with a sharp tv?

Here are the codes to try for your Sharp TV: 741, 739, 628, 740, 526, or 608. Here is the instructions on how to program the remote to your TV. Address Remote to TV . While at the device location, point the remote at the device. Press and hold the device button on the remote. - All four mode b (MORE)

How can you program the DISH remote to the Sharp TV?

The steps to program a remote to a TV are below! Addressing Remote to TV: 1.) Press and hold the clear TV button until all mode lights light up. 2.) Release and TV light will be blinking. 3.) Enter code and press #. The TV button should flash 3 times. 4.) Try functions (Volume, Power, et (MORE)

How do you set universal remote on Panasonic TV?

I know it came out in 1989.This has been written by someone many people know.The first plasma tv was not cool at all so it pratictally sucked yu no.so i rule you dont tvs in the past made in 1989.you an learn more on researchtvinpast.org/tv in the past

What are the signals traveling through a tv remote?

Television remote controls use light to communicate with televisions. Infra-red light is invisible to the human eye but it is a very effective way of sending data across a short distance. To send a message, the light is sent in a pattern of flashes. When the pattern is received by the television an (MORE)

Does a universal remote work on an element tv?

Almost certainly it does. There are many universal remotes so you will need to follow the set up instructions with the remote to configure the remote to operate with your model of television. Some instructions are better than others - read them carefully and follow each step for a successful configu (MORE)

How do you change a coby TV from AV to TV without the remote?

Try using your arrow up button on your TV and scroll above channel 3; most televisions will list your inputs below channel 3. You may also have a source or input button on your TV. I would also go to the manufacturers website and look for a manual for your TV model as each is a little different (The (MORE)