What value is a hammerless 38 Smith Wesson ctcs top of the barrel left side secret service special five shot revolver with a 3.25 barrel sw on both sides of wood grips number 7 on trigger guard?

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What was the manufacture date and value of the Smith and Wesson secret service 38 caliber 5 shot revolver?

Answer . The Secret Service Special was made by both Iver Johnson and Meriden Firearms for the Fred Bifar Co of Chicago in the early 1900's. There's not a lot of information available about this model or Fred Bifar Co, but it is apparently very similar to the IJ Model 1900 which will retail for ( Full Answer )

What is the value and date of a 5 shot revolver with Secret Service Special written on the barrel and serial number 227022?

Answer . Per an earlier answer in this forum from Alvin and Roy, "Secret Service Special was a trade name used on inexpensive revolvers retailed by the Rohde-Spencer Company of Chicago. The Howard Arms Co name was distributed by H&D Folsom, usually on shotguns made by their subsidiary company, Cr ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a Smith and Wesson marked 38 SW Special Ctg on the right side of the barrel Smith and Wesson Sprinfield Mass US on top and Pat Feb 6 06 Sept 14 09 Dec 29 14 501227 on the grip?

Answer . \nCorrect identification is the '.38 Military & Police Model 1905, 4th Change.' Your gun was made in the 1930's.\n. \nWhat you dont tell us is barrel length, type of sights, type of grip, or finish. All have a bearing on the value.\n. \nWithout that information, $150-$450.\n. \nsal ( Full Answer )

What is value of a Smith and Wesson 32 caliber Secret Service Special 207768 top break with CTG on barrel?

Secret Service Special Neat gun but not made by S&W or used by the Secret Service. It was made by Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works of Fitchburg,Mass. The 6 diget number is probably the serial number. CTG refers to the caliber such as 32 S&W cartridge."ctg" being an abbreviation. Made prior to WWII. ( Full Answer )

What is age and value of Smith Wesson DA top break revolver 38 caliber 5 rounds serial number 45920 latest date on top of barrel May1 25 1880?

Answer . \nWe're believing you have the .38 Double Action, Second Model, made c.1881-1882. Value is depending on condition. Poor condition can be $100 or less, new condition with box can bring over $500. Most of these in typical used-gun condition for that age sell in the $200-$250 range.\n. ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a 38 Smith and Wesson Special Ctg with SW Springfield Mass USA patented Feb 6 6 Sept14 09 Dec 29 14 on top of the barrel serial 608121 with a star at the end?

Answer . \nS&W Military & Police Model of 1905, 4th Change. Made in the mid to late 1930's. The star indicates the gun was returned to the factory for some major rework - most of the time indicating a factory refinish but could also mean a new cylinder or barrel, etc. Look underneath the grip ( Full Answer )

What is the approx value of a Smith and Wesson revolver with SW DA 45 on left of barrel and Smith and Wesson Springfield Mass USA Patented Dec 17 1801 Feb 6 1808 Sep 14 1808 and 140887 on handle base?

Answer . The S&W DA45 revolvers were chambered in 45 ACP as they were made for the war effort and ammo compatability when the 1911 was in short supply. If your particular specimen does not have "U.S. ARMY MODEL 1917" marked on the butt then it was a civilian model. Depending on condition and such ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a Smith Wesson 38 Special CTG 6 bullet revolver pearl grips. Serial number 337 386. Top of barrel Smith Wesson Springfield Mass USA. Patented FEB.6.06 SEPT.14.09.DEC.99.?

Without a picture or a thorough technical description of the condition, it's not possible to give an exact value. There are multiple variables also ommitted in your description, but It is likely a "Smith&Wesson Military & Police Model of 1905, 4th Change" (yep, that's a mouthful, commonly called the ( Full Answer )

What is the value and age of a 12 ga double barrel side by side double trigger hammerless Ithaca with serial number 297062?

Answer . Your gun known as the "Flues Model" after its designer was made in 1918. These firearms were made in many different grades, which can have a huge affect on value. The condition of the firearm will, obviously, also have major impact on value. Assuming your gun is in good working condition ( Full Answer )

Need value or any info for Smith Wesson 38 SW Special Ctg 6 bullet revolver brown wood grips Serial number is 612878 Top of barrel says Smith Wesson Springfield Mass USA. Patented FEB 6 06 SEPT 14 09?

I believe Ctg stands for "combat target" model. I am guessing that it has adjustable sights. Contact Smith and Wesson Through their web sight, give them the serial numbers. Customer service repaired a twenty year old model 15-3, that I purchased used, for free. I will definitely buy another S+W.

38 smith and Wesson stamped on side of barrel 38hammerless with warner arms corp norwich conn stamped on top of barrel any info would help?

The Warner Arms Corp was established in 1912 and marketed revolvers, rifles, semi-automatic pistols, and shotguns made for them by other companies including N.R. Davis & Sons, Ithaca Gun Company, and so forth. In 1917, the company was purchased by N.R. Davis & Company.. Under Warner, the .38 calibe ( Full Answer )

What is the history and value of a Smith and Wesson 38 Special 6 shot revolver with no serial number SN is carved on a leathercase carried on leatherbelt belt also holds the bullets on side of it?

If it doesn't have a serial number, the chances are it was removed. It might have been a case of an overzealous refinish or a purposeful obliteration.. I would suggest a very close examination of the butt and crane area to see if perhaps the sn is there, but, struck weakly.. There is the chance th ( Full Answer )

What it the value of a smith and Wesson special snubby has a number of d804031 on the bottom of the grip made in usa springfield no other numbers on the gun no patent dates on the top of the barrel?

Based on the sn you provided, you have either a Model 10,12,13,14 or 45 made @ 1975-76. Open the cylinder and look inside the crane area. You will find the model number there.. Value range from 100-2000 USD depending on EXACTLY what you have, condition, box, accessories, papers, etc..

Price of smith Wesson 38 special 3 barrel?

Can't be answered without a DETAILED description of ALL markings, barrel length, finish, grips, sights, box, accessories, papers, condition.

What is the value of a smith and Wesson ctg 38 revolver serial number 38678 in good condition 5 shot with 4 inch barrel?

Depends on who made it. 38 S&W CTG is a caliber- the ammunition name is the 38 Smith & Wesson cartridge (the cartridge was created by S&W, so they got to name it). However, several dozen companies made guns in that caliber. If it IS a Smith & Wesson, it will be marked as such, and may include the "M ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a 5 inch barrel nickel plated Smith and Wesson 38 special ctg with pearl handles serial number 582xxx?

Trying to put a value on anything with just the limited information provided is hard to do. Value depends on a combination of many factors. You have only provided the most generic description. Without a detailed description to include, finish (is it factory or aftemarket), barrel length, overall con ( Full Answer )

What is the age and value of 38 sw ctc 5 shot revolver marked Smith and Wesson Springfield Mass US patd oct 2 1883 aug 4 1885 April 5 1890 ser 448428?

This is the canned answer to the general question "how much is my gun worth". There is no way that this can be determined via a description of the firearm because condition of the item is critical to its value. In addition, whether the gun is considered to be modern or antique will significantly a ( Full Answer )

What model is a Smith and Wesson 38 hammer less long barrel 5 shot 1890 revolver serial number 678xx?

Your serial number and good description helps pinpoint this Smith and Wesson as a model 38 single action second model(model 2,2nd issue) which was made from 1877-1891.The serial numbers ranged from 1-108,255.If you have a barrel length of 8in,or 10in.this will bring a premium.There is also a premium ( Full Answer )

What is the manufacture date of Smith and Wesson 6 shot revolver 38 special 2 inch barrel serial number 831760?

It could be a Military and Police model that you have with that high a serial number,which was made from 1940-1945.I am not aware that it was made with a 2 inch barrel though.Does your serial number have a letter or number and letter before the serial number?If so please relist it,and I would have a ( Full Answer )