What values of the ancient Greeks are found in the poems of Homer?

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information about theTrojan War, Gods, goddesses and even a talking horse.
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What values did the poems of Homer teach Greeks?

Homer's stories taught courage , and honor . Along with bravery . . They gave the Greeks a set of values that they could live by. These values are often called Home

What did Homer do that was important the ancient greek civilization?

He wrote The Iliad and The Odyssey. Not only did he write the Iliad and the Odyssey... He helped to organize the pantheon of Greek gods, he gave the Greeks role models to liv

What were the Greeks referred to in homers poems?

In Homeric poetry, the Greeks are referred to as Argives (as in, "people of Argos") or Danoi (as in, "sons of Danaus"). Danaus was the mythological ancestor of Perseus, legend