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How do you fake video?

umm so menny people and celeprityz fake Video's and calls and there not the real celeprity the best thing to do is magic i download for a fake video call magic i fake

How do you video on iPhone?

The iphone video ability exist only on the 3GS model. You shot video by moving the little switch in the right corner from stiles mode to video mode BlazeVideo iPhone Flick (MORE)

What is a fake iPhone?

There is no such thing. The closest thing to an iPhone that is fake would be an Android, because they are SmartPhones based off of the original touch screen interactive design (MORE)

How do I transfer video files to my iPhone?

I will simply concludes function of tunesgo  retro: transfer file between iOS devices and PC/Mac, between IOS  devices, between IOS devices and iTunes (files includes: music (MORE)