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Who was Henry Clay?

Henry Clay was an American statesman and orator who representedKentucky in both the House of Representatives and Senate. He isgiven credit for the 1820 Missouri Compromise. He

Did Henry Clay have any hobbies?

Try this site for your answer: . KarenDeCoster.com Web Log: July 2005 Archives Henry Clay led a battle against Jackson in support of central banking. ..... When one re

Home state of Henry Clay?

Henry Clay was born in Virginia, but moved to Kentucky when he was 22 and later became a senator for that state.

What was Henry Clay view on states rights?

Henry Clay believed in states rights, meaning he thought states should decide if laws were unconstitutional or not and if they thought they were unconstitutional, they didn't

What political offices did Henry Clay hold?

Henry Clay's first public office was as a Kentucky Legislature. He then became a U.S Senator and then a House Representative. Then he was the Speaker of the House. In 1824 he

What did Henry clay do?

Henry Clay had helped start the War of 1812, form the Whig Party, get two presidents (John Quincy Adams and William Henry Harrison) elected, and create the Compromise of 1850.

What is Henry Clay best known for?

He was known as the Great Compromiser for his work in the US Senate. He also ran for President and served as Secretary State in the J. Q. Adams administration. He was a poli