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What was President Richard Nixon's plan for Vietnam some of the war?

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How many presidents were there in the Vietnam war?

There were 6 unique South Vietnamese Presidents, 2 North Vietnamese presidents, and 5 different American Presidents, making 13 presidents altogether. Although the war had be

Who was president when the Vietnam War started?

Lyndon B. Johnson was President when the US started using regular  forces in Vietnam. Dwight Eisenhower sent in military advisers to  train Vietnamese.

What presidency was destroyed by the war in Vietnam?

  Lyndon Johnson's presidency is generally thought to have been destroyed by the Vietnam War. He had plans for what he called The Great Society, however constant problems

Richard Nixon's life after presidency?

Following his resignation, Richard and Pat Nixon returned to their  home in San Clemente, California, where they lived until 1980.  Nixon traveled throughout the United Stat