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What was Shay s Rebellion?

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What is shay rebellion?

After the American Revolution, many of the veterans returned home  to discover that the new nation was in a economic depression due to  the large was debt and the lack of va

Who was at shays rebellion?

The national government was unable to raise forces to put down Shays's Rebellion. / Shays's supporters were elected to the Massachusetts legislature. The Massachusetts legisla

Contrast shays rebellion and the whiskey rebellion?

The Shays Rebellion was started by Daniel Shays, an American soldier and farmer. The rebellion started because people were taken to prison because they couldn't pay off debt.

Was the Whiskey Rebellion and the shay rebellion the same?

NO they were 2 completely different rebellions. ------- Whiskey Rebellion's purpose was to oppose the new heavy taxes that were placed on whiskey. Taxes were placed on impor

What did the government do after shays rebellion?

The government under the Articles of Confederation could not aid Mass. in putting down the "rebellion" as it was to weak to act. Mass. was left to end the event. The rebellion

How are shays rebellion and the whiskey rebellion different?

Shays Rebellion was when farmers revolted and burned down courthouses and caused lots of damage. They fled once they heard the forces were coming to stop them, most escaped to

Did Daniel Shays die in Shays' Rebellion?

No Daniel Shays did not died in the Shays's Rebellion. After his rebellion fail, he was condamened to a death penalty. Even tho others of his rebellion were granted forgivenes