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What was Shay s Rebellion?

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How are shays rebellion and the whiskey rebellion different?

Shays Rebellion was when farmers revolted and burned down courthouses and caused lots of damage. They fled once they heard the forces were coming to stop them, most escaped to

Why did shays rebellion worry Americans?

It worried many Americans because they were scared that the country  that they had just fought so hard for was falling apart once again  because of debt and taxes

What did Shays Rebellion show Americans?

that the articles of confederation were too weak, and needed to either be revised or write a new constitution completly.

What statement is false about shays rebellion?

The false statement is that the central government provided troops  to quell the rebellion. The Shay Rebellion took place in  Massachusetts in 1786.

What were the causes of Shays' Rebellion?

Shays' Rebellion Farmers were unable to pay the debts and taxes on  their farms and they were being taken away by the courts. Daniel  Shays reasoned that his farm could not

How was shays rebellion a blessing in disguise?

It was because at the time the event was terrible, but something  good came from it in the end. The Articles of Confederation were  revised.

Why is shays rebellion important?

It pointed out one the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and the national government was unable to help Massachusetts when the governor called for national troops to

What led to Shays' Rebellion?

The Articles of Confederation made it so the government was taking away the land of farmers. This made them very angry and they revolted.

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What was Shays' Rebellion?

Shays' Rebellion The economy in the period following the American Revolution was extremely precarious. Due to the war, there was massive debt throughout the United States. F