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What was the Paleothic Age?

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What age is middle age?

In North America the average age that people attain is about 80 years. Middle age is therefor about 30 to 50. It was a joke on the old "Sanford and Son" TV show that the suppo

What are the ages in Age of Empires 3?

I - Discovery age - free   II - Colonial age - 800 food   III - Fortress age - 1200 food, 1000 gold   IV - Industrial age - 2000 food, 1200 gold   V - Imperial

What is a Ag?

Ag is the chemical element symbol for the Silver, atomic number 47 and it's a transitional element.

What is physical age and chronological age?

physical age would be the the age that you look and could be based on your health habits. chronological age would be like your actual age going up 1,2,3,4....and so on.

What age comes after the stone age?

The Bronze Age followed the Stone Age. The Bronze Age started approximately 3300 BC and lasted until 1200 BC. In the Near East the stone age is followed by the copper age, or

What ages came after the golden age?

What "Golden Age" do you mean? There have been many. Assuming that you are asking about the Golden Age of Greece, it applies to Athens, and lasted about 200 years, from the