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What was the bloodiest battle of Germany and acirc and 128 and 153s war with the Soviet Union?

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Could Germany have won the war if had not attacked Soviet Union?

Probably not, the soviet union was just as heavily militaristic as Germany and if given enough time to strenghten its weakened militairy leadership after the purges and move i

What is that bloodiest battle of the Vietnam war?

  For the US, and not counting operations and the TET offensive, the bloodiest battle may have been the Ia Drang valley fight, which occurred in 1965; and was depicted in

Why did Germany attack the Soviet Union?

Hitler planned to take land for Lebensraum (more living space that the Aryan, - i.e.the Germans - deserve because they are superior) in the East. Furthermore, he wanted to des

Was the Soviet Union against Germany?

YES. The Nazi's hated the communism of the soviet union. Hitler wanted to take over the Soviet Union in order to achieve is goal OS leibensram "living space". Nazi's and commu

What did the Soviet Union get from its treaty with germany?

In 1939, Germany and the Soviet Union signed the Non Aggression Pact. This was basically a document that said that neither country would attack the other during wartime. This

Why did Germany invade the Soviet Union?

Although initially Hitler wanted the USSR as an ally (or at least as a neutral), the Soviet takeover of German-occupied territory in Romania showed that Stalin had no intentio