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What was the bloodiest battle of Germany and acirc and 128 and 153s war with the Soviet Union?

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What was the bloodiest battle in World War 2?

Bloodiest battle of WW2   Beyond a doubt it was the Battle of Stalingrad (August 1942 - February 1943). The Axis suffered about 740,000 dead and wounded and a further 110

What was considered the bloodiest battle of World War 2 for the Americans?

With over 800,000 men committed and over 19,000 killed, the Battle of the Bulge became the single biggest and bloodiest battle not just for the Americans in World War 2 but al

What is that bloodiest battle of the Vietnam war?

  For the US, and not counting operations and the TET offensive, the bloodiest battle may have been the Ia Drang valley fight, which occurred in 1965; and was depicted in

What was the bloodiest US Civil War battle?

The Battle of Gettysburg, fought July 1-3, 1863, was the bloodiest battle of the US Civil War. It produced over 50,000 casualties in dead, wounded, and missing combined betwee

Why did Germany surrender to the allies and the soviet union?

      There was a lot of little events that gradually led to the surrender of each of the axis powers, but for Germany, the final straw was due to Soviets coming f

Bloodiest battles of Civil War?

In order, the bloodiest battles of the Civil War were: Antietam Gettysburg Vicksburg Bull Run (Mananas) I don't know the rest

Was the Soviet Union against Germany?

YES. The Nazi's hated the communism of the soviet union. Hitler wanted to take over the Soviet Union in order to achieve is goal OS leibensram "living space". Nazi's and commu

What did Germany and Soviet Union agree on?

They agreed not to attack each other and divide the land in Europe between themselves. But Hitler broke the pact by attacking Russia