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What was the bloodiest battle of Germany and acirc and 128 and 153s war with the Soviet Union?

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After which battle was Germany forced to retreat from the soviet union?

Kursk in July 1943 was the last throw of the German dice in the east, the final aggressive movement of the panzer forces. 2 long years later.....but the distances are vast & t

How did Germany attacking the Soviet Union effect the war?

  The affect it had on WW2 was that it sealed the fate of the Nazis. Had Hitler held his uneasy peace with the USSR then it is difficult to project the course of History.

Could Germany have won the war if had not attacked Soviet Union?

Probably not, the soviet union was just as heavily militaristic as Germany and if given enough time to strenghten its weakened militairy leadership after the purges and move i

Why did Germany retreat from the soviet union in World War 2?

Germany needed to capture Stalingrad (now renamed Volgograd) but failed. You see Stalingrad was the the city sanding between them and Moscow. If the they captured the city the

Why did the soviet union not go to war with Germany after they invaded Poland?

Because the Soviets simultaneously invaded Poland from the east, dividing the country between them. At the time, the USSR also coveted eastern European territory. Rememberin