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What was the difference between the Sherman act and Clayton antitrust acts?

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What was the Clayton Antitrust Act?

This was meant to add more specific regulations to the Sherman anti-trust law ('restraint of trade'). This law says specifically what companies cannot do. They cannot: -Lo

What did the clayton antitrust act ban?

The Clayton Antitrust act banned injunctions against strikers unless the strikers threatened damage that could not be remedied. This act also prohibited corporations from acqu

The outcome of The Clayton Antitrust Act?

The Clayton Antitrust Act was passed in 1914 during Wilson's administration. This act was enacted in the US to add further substance to the US antitrust law regime by seeking

When was the passage of the Clayton antitrust act?

The Clayton Antitrust Act was enacted by the US Congress October 15, 1914. The final version of the law passed the US Senate on October 5, 1914 and later by the House of Repre