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What was the main factor that contributed to the growth of trade in the New Kingdom?

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Contributed to the growth of Persian trade?

Several conditions promoted the growth of trade, the relative political stability of the realm, the use of standarize coins, and the availability of good trade routes, newly c

What factors contributed to labor's growth after 1935?

a lot of labor unions were forming around this time. for example, the CIO, the AFL, the CWA, etc. These unions and other unions that Roosevelt formed gave jobs to both skilled

What two factors contributed to Egypt's wealth during the new kingdom?

The two factors that contributed to Egypt's wealth during the New Kingdom were conquest and trade. I believe two factores contributed to Egypts wealth during the New Kingdom w

How did trade contribute to the growth of the Renaissance?

The renaissance was a very creative era and probably wasn't the first to trade but probably produced many product that were helpful or needed in other places. Trade helped the

What factors have contributed to correctional growth?

Unlawful prosecutionsdishonesty within the Justice systemethics violationsprocedural rules violated and disregardedtoo many crimes in place on the booksmultiple crimes for one

What factors led to the growth of the kingdom of Ghana?

The Factors were trading . during this time when the kingdom of Ghana began, they had access to salt mines. The salt mines where located in the southwestern part of West Afr

What factors contributed to the growth of africa civilizations?

Africa has a vast and varied landscapes made up of shifting sand dunes,rain forest,sweeping savannas , large deserts and coastal plains .