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What was the main goal of the union?

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The main goal of the Union army in the West was to gain control of?

The primary goal of the Union Army in the west was to control the Mississippi River. This would separate Texas and Arkansas from the remainder of the Confederacy, deny this tr

What was the goal of the union army in the west?

During the American Civil War, the goal of the Union forces in the  Western Theater was simple: to wrest control of the Mississippi  River from Confederate forces as a prelu

Which of these was a goal of unions?

Some goals of workers unions were to enable employees to receive  medical leave without a deduction in pay and pensions payed to  workers upon retirement. They were first cr

What was the goal for the union and confederate army?

the goal for the union and confederate army was the south wanted to break away from the rest of the united states so the war was because the south wanted to stay an independen

What were Grant's main goals for the union army?

To hold the Army of Northern Virginia in check while Sherman in the West and Sheridan in the East systematically destroyed the South's ability to support the army: farms, fact

What are two main goals of the European Union?

to unite Europe, thus making it safer, and to improve the economies of the EU countries. if they are all part of one union, they'll have an interest in each other and then not

What was the goal of the Union in their Western Campaign?

The Union's Western Campaign was conducted with one primary goal:  to cut the Confederacy into two halves. Achieving this goal would  isolate the western Confederate states,