What was the name of that family in the 1970s that adopted all those children including several special needs children and was the subject of television specials following those children's lives?

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Should children with special needs be taught alongside children who do not have special needs?

Why? Why would you do that to the special needs child who obviously needs special attention? The extra attention will make other around him or her resentful. The child who obviously doesn't fit in will be constantly reminded of how different they are as kids close by make fun of them. It would be to ( Full Answer )

What is the name of those who follow jusus?

The twelve disciples were followers of Jesus whom he had chosen to become his core group, the people he talked things over with and depended on. Simon and his brother Andrew were the first disciples Jesus chose. Next Jesus called James and John , then Philip, Nathaniel (also called Barthol ( Full Answer )

What should special needs children be told about their disability?

Depending on their level of functionality, explain as much as you can. These children need to learn coping skills. The first step to that is awareness. If they can self-regulate their symptoms, then they can self-motivate the solutions. For example, when my son has hyperness or focus issues, he need ( Full Answer )

What was the 1970's children show about a family living in Africa?

Sounds like Daktari, with (Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion) as a notable character. Daktari had its problems, it was supposedly taking place (Live) but when it was aired the colonial era had ended. the lead character was a sort of veterinarian and adminstration officer in what was emblazoned on Jeeps ( ( Full Answer )

What special qualities do i need to work with children?

Some qualities would include a love for children. This will also take good communication skills (even on a child's level), dedication, a lot of penitence, perseverance, and the willingness to make a positive difference in children's lives.

How does Star Trek do all those special effects?

Special Effect scenes are usually done with a combination of a CGI Guide Model of (for example) a starship shot on a green screen. The model is usually on guide wire and set into a position that needs to be captured for the final scene. The camera takes a picture of the model in the position require ( Full Answer )

Qualifications needed to work with children with special needs?

You need to get a specialized college education in the area of special needs you are interested in teaching/working with. Special needs is broken down in areas of need. Visually handicapped, hearing handicapped, learning problems, various forms of autism, mobility problems, severely handicapped, and ( Full Answer )

Abuse of special needs children?

Special Needs Children . Children with autism and downs symdrome are often abused in poor countries. In England and America special needs children are fully understood but that can not be said for other countries around the world like Fiji. . If a child is born with special needs the family ar ( Full Answer )

How do you meet the needs of all children in your setting including those with disabilities or special needs?

By setting, I assume you mean somewhere other than home - like a play group, day care setting, after school setting, etc. In any case, the best source would be the parent or primary care taker. I would develop a short - 1-2 page form for parents and care takers to profile their children. It would be ( Full Answer )

What are the best teaching strategies for special needs children?

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Who are special children?

They are usually children who have some sort of dysfunction that prevents them from interacting with the other children in a normal way. So, since they are special in that way, then they require special education assistance.

If land is left to 3 children and those 3 children die what interest does the only living spouse of one of those dead children entitled to?

Your question doesn't include enough details to formulate an answer. It depends on how the land was inherited, whether they were joint tenants or tenants in common, whether there were any children or spouses who may be deceased now but had outlived their partners. You should speak with an attorney w ( Full Answer )

Santa isn't real because what about all those children who live in poverty and are homeless that are good but still don't receive presents from santa?

Sometimes it isn't physical gifts that matter. It is the people in our lives, people that mean everything to us that are the real presents. Maybe its for just that reason that Santa does not deliver gifts to everyone. To make them/us realize what really matters in life is not gifts, but instead the ( Full Answer )

Are there grants for swimming lesson for children with special needs?

Depending on disability, your child could learn to swim withnon-disabled children and progress using the same ASA Learn to SwimPathway. The Pathway is one assurance that your child is receiving qualityinstruction based on the swimming development expertise of the ASA.Check out our video ( left )for ( Full Answer )

Are there grants for swimming lessons for children with special needs?

Adaptive swimming programs allow people with injuries anddisabilities to experience the recreational and healing aspects ofspending time in the pool. This may involve special equipment,training and body movements. Grants offered by foundations withthese special needs in mind allow organizations to d ( Full Answer )

Why did Harry Potter choose those names for his children?

James Sirius - after his father, James Potter, and his godfather, Sirius Black. Albus Severus - after Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape, the two bravest people Harry Potter ever knew. Lily Luna - after his mother, Lily (Evans) Potter and a dear friend, Luna Lovegood.

What attidude should teachers have towards children with special need?

Special needs teacher should exhibit an attitude of manner relevent (sp) to the inidividual's needs; must have the power of feeling; a great disposition because people can usually sense a bad disposition. Also, the teacher must have, in my opinion, an understanding of each person's needs AND attitu ( Full Answer )

What are the characteristics of children with special needs?

The characteristics of a special need child vary. It is often hard to diagnose a disability in childhood because children develop at different rates; just because your child seems to be learning to walk or speak later than other children, does not mean that they have a disability. Most commonly, phy ( Full Answer )

What can you do to help special needs children?

The two most important things for a child with special needs are specialized care and integration. Specialized care is important because specialists can not only help short term, but they can develop long term solutions that will help the child progress further mentally, emotionally and physically. ( Full Answer )

Why do you refer to disabled children as special needs children?

because disabled children has come to be known as a derrogative term, meaning it makes people feel less than what they are really worth. these people are not disabeld, they can usually do all the things we can with the special needs they need to have.

What is the process for getting services for special needs children?

For the united kingdom. Getting special needs provision is quite a complex process. If your child isn't already registered, you can contact your local children with disabilities team and ask for your child to be "put on the record". This is purely a database recording the needs of the children in th ( Full Answer )

Why do you choose to work with special need children?

Special Needs children and adults have such purity and simplicity. They are unconditional and unselfish in their love. They speak the truth, but love to please others. They cause me to reevaluate my priorities, values, and prejudices....and put things into a more proper perspective. They remind me t ( Full Answer )

Do children with autism and Asperger's need special diets?

Sometimes - each case is different. Many children with autism spectrum disorders tend to have digestive problems. Your pediatrician can check your children and advise you on the best dietary direction.

Does children from broken family suffer more than those of a qurreling parents?

It is a matter of degree. If your parents quarrel sometimes that is pretty normal. If they quarrel all of the time that is a problem. Now if they separate the quarreling will stop but the whole money thing changes because now they are both paying for a separate household. You, as the kid, can expect ( Full Answer )