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What is Little Joe's Horse's name on the TV show Bonanza?

Little Joe Cartwright always rode a black-and-white pinto named  Cochise. There were at least 4 horses from Fat Jones Stables used  during the early years, and possibly as m (MORE)
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What little kid shows got cancelled?

All I know is Peewee's playhouse, Barney, and X-men origins. Peewee's playhouse- harrasment Barney- cuss word on tv X-men- Idk why

Is there a kid TV show about dentist?

Yes their is. I am Jennifer Wylds and their is a kid's tV show all about dentists. Its called Job World and its on channel 290 weekly from 10 am-7pm. It also teaches about oth (MORE)
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Is my little pony a tv show?

Yes. In addition to the toy line, My Little Pony has had several TV  shows, including the currently running My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic.
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