What was the name of the old lady on Deal or No Deal who accidentally said 'No deal' yet won anyways?

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Has anyone won the million on deal or no deal?

Yes. Jessica Robinson on September 1, 2008 has one the million dollars in the American version of "Deal or no Deal." . Well, of course somebody won a million. The chances of

What is the guy from deal or no deal name?

The host of Deal or No Deal is Howie Mendel the cheap azzmothafukin bich dik suckin geigh azz. He is also a stanky azz poorazz fagat. And porverted geigh dude.

What are the names of the deal or no deal models?

1.cladia 2.stacey 3.lisa 4.lindsey\kelsy 5.ersala 6.megan 7.sarah 8.lauren 9.patrica 10.onya 11.katie 12.jill 13.LAYLA 14.palar 15.brook 16.criss

Who won 1 million on deal or no deal?

The related links lists the top prize winners from many of the different countries that have the Deal or No Deal programs The USA Winners winners were: Jessica Robinson