What was the name of the old lady on Deal or No Deal who accidentally said 'No deal' yet won anyways?

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Who is the banker on Deal or No Deal?

The banker is real but they never show his face because if you like make friends with him and you get on the show he might give you high deals.So he doesn't want to be biased. Actually, the banker is named Peter Abbay an here is a link to his picture, he says he is hot but no just no LOL. PS: (MORE)

What is the show 'Deal Or No Deal' about?

Deal or no deal is a TV style game show played with 26 briefcases containing cash amounts ranging from 1 penny to 1 million dollars (or £250,000). The cash amounts in each case is only known by the producers and no one else in the studio. Before the game a person is randomly selected to be the co (MORE)

How do you get on Deal or No Deal?

It is quite hard to get on the UK version, I am not sure about the U.S. I have registered on the channel 4 website however I am not sure how long it will take.

How do you deal with snide name calling?

You just ignore them as they are just words and not worth the hassle. They are just trying to get to you and if you give in then you are letting them win - if they see that you are not letting it bother you then they will begin to leave you alone as it is not worth it for them to bug you anymore. Do (MORE)

How can you get on deal or no deal?

Try the offical channel 4 website, however I think applications are currently closed for this season, you might have to wait until 2011 now :(

What is Deal or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal is a game show, where you have 26 cases. You have to pick a case and after so many cases the banker will offer you an amount of money because he wants your case. You are trying to get the million dollar case and it's a great game show. You try to sell your case for more money. The ba (MORE)

How do you deal with that he said there is no way to have relationship?

Find something to do that's fun and good for others - donate time, help a charity, visit family, take a class, start a new hobby. Do something for you and grow yourself - get happy with yourself and don't worry about 'finding someone.' That'll happen when you're so busy you won't notice it. People w (MORE)

Has anyone won the million on deal or no deal?

Yes. Jessica Robinson on September 1, 2008 has one the million dollars in the American version of "Deal or no Deal." . Well, of course somebody won a million. The chances of no-one having are like a million to zero. For example, Jessica Robinson won $1,000,000 on Deal or No Deal, with 5million-doll (MORE)

What is the trick to deal or no deal?

sencillo cuando el maletin salga hacia cualquier parte de arriba(superior) deve contar seis maletines a la derecha y tres a la izquierda . si esta hacia abajo (inferior) debe contar tres maletines a la derecha y seis a la izquierda y si esta en el centro

Is deal or no deal rigged?

There are Laws that were enacted after the games show scandals of the 1950s to prevent the rigging to TV game shows No it is not and the below answer was stuck out for a very valid reason It is make believe. TV games shows risk criminal Prosecution for breaking laws if the results are fixed. How (MORE)

Who is the host of deal or no deal?

The host of deal or no deal is different in every country. In the US: Howie Mandel In the UK: Noel Edmonds In Australia: Larry Endor or Andrew O'Keefe

What is the name of the science that deals with the atmosphere?

It's just called "atmospheric science", but that can be broken down into some sub-fields such as: Meteorology - focuses on weather forecasting Climatology - studies climate and how the atmosphere relates to it It can also encompass studying the atmospheres on other planets of the solar syst (MORE)

What are the names of the deal or no deal models?

1.cladia 2.stacey 3.lisa 4.lindsey\kelsy 5.ersala 6.megan 7.sarah 8.lauren 9.patrica 10.onya 11.katie 12.jill 13.LAYLA 14.palar 15.brook 16.crissy 17.jannel 18.marissa 19.malinda 20.alekay 21.tameka 23.aubry 24.? 25.hayley 26.lindsey

New deal and how did it get it name?

In his first inaugural address, FDR promised "a New Deal" for the forgotten man. This term came to be applied to FDR's domestic policies to help get the nation out of the Depression. The men who advised FDR, known as the "Brain Trust", developed FDR's economic policy and developed programs that beca (MORE)

How you deal with homophobic name calling?

Point out to the person doing the name calling that generally people who call others homosexual are they themselves hiding their own homosexuality. also point out that they really need a better insult if homosexuality is all they can come up with. And if you are homosexual and are being harassed t (MORE)

How old do you have to be to sign a record deal?

A record deal is a contract, so you'd need to be however old local law requires you to be in order to enter into a contract. In the US, for the most part, that's 18 years old. People under that age can still have a record deal, but they would need to have their parent/legal guardian sign for them (MORE)

What is the name of a person that deals in wines?

The wine manager or wine steward who is found in a restaurant is a sommelier . An expert in the scientific study of wines might be called an oenologist , while the study of the various aspects of wines and wine making is the science of oenology . (The spelling of oenologist will vary somewhat, wi (MORE)

How does the Old Testament deal with evil?

The Old Testament or Old Covenant shows clearly that sin and evil are what sepperates man from God. The Law and the Prophets again and again display man's need of God and His promised Messiah.

What are all the names of the models on deal or no deal?

In order of apperentices: Mylinda, Stacey, Lisa G., Lindsay S., Ursula, Megan, Sara, Patricia, Claudia, Marisa, Jill, Amie, Leyla, Dawn, Bonnie-Jill, Kim, Donna, Alike, Tameka, Nancy, Lindsay C., Kasie, Tamara, Jenelle, April, Lanisha, Katie, Aubrie, Lauren S., Hayley Marie, Enya, Keltie, Meghan, Ja (MORE)

Who finances deal or no deal?

The show is financed by the sale of commercial airtime and also the charges local stations pay to allow them programming to sell local Commercials

How old is Cot Deal?

Ellis "Cot" Deal was 90 years old when he died on May 21, 2013 (birthdate: January 23, 1923).

How old is Kim Deal?

Kim Deal is 56 years old (birthdate: June 10, 1961). She is the identical twin of Kelley Deal.

How old is Kelley Deal?

Kelley Deal is 56 years old (birthdate: June 10, 1961). She is the identical twin of Kim Deal.

Did casey James get a record deal yet?

In interviews, Casey has said himself that he has been talking with Nashville and Sony about getting signed to their label and said that he is extremely close to getting a record deal but it hasn't happened yet but Casey is 98% sure... ;)

Who won 4 million on Deal or No Deal?

No one has won that amount in US dollars in other currency 10 million has been won and was worth only thousands. Hungry had a 21 million dollar winner worth $92,568 see related link

Who won 1 million on deal or no deal?

The related links lists the top prize winners from many of the different countries that have the Deal or No Deal programs The USA Winners winners were: Jessica Robinson September 1, 2008 Tomorrow Rodriguez October 29, 2008

How does Macbeth deal with lady Macbeths reactions?

Well, i wouldn't call what Macbeth did in response to Lady Macbeth's plans for him dealing. I would call it giving in. She questions his manliness when he expresses a dislike against the idea of killing the king so he can become king. As a result of her questioning, he gives in to her plans, though (MORE)

What is the name of person who deals with a will?

An attorney (lawyer or barrister) will draft and advise on a will. The executor of the will is the individual (who isn't necessarily a legal expert) who is designated to insure that the wishes of the person who leaves assets are carried out as regards the distribution of those assets. Related qu (MORE)

When are Mcfly on Deal or No Deal 2012?

On the seventh of April is when the celebrity episodes of deal or no deal commence, so during the course of that week mcfly will appear on one of the episodes hope this has helped

What was the name of the New Deal?

The New Deal. That was its name, coined from FDR's inaugural speech where he promised the American people a "new deal". The series of legislator he passed in his first 100 days in office were known as the New Deal.

Why do they say Deal or No Deal?

The people say the deal or no deal due to it being a tv show. People use info they know to respond to unique questiosn to gain access to more money options.